4 Advantages of Accessibility Testing for Web 

Juliet D'cruz

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Underestimating the importance of website accessibility could end up costing businesses more than they might realize. The features that will allow websites to be utilized by a wider variety of users, as well as the accessibility testing needed to ensure effective design and proper implementation can end up making quite a difference.  

1 Expanded User Base

A well-designed commercial website serves several key purposes. In addition to serving as the public face of a business, a website also allows visitors to make purchases and transactions online as well as functioning as the centerpiece for online marketing campaigns or digital promotional efforts. Simply accepting that a sizable percentage of would-be visitors will be unable to access the site due to a lack of features or limitations that could be easily corrected could end up being a very costly misstep.  

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2 Reaching New Demographics 

Addressing and resolving accessibility issues can ensure that businesses are able to make contact with a wider audience and a larger user base. A more accessible website layout and design can open up an expanded range of marketing demographics by eliminating any potential obstacles that might be keeping potential customers or future clients at bay. Marketing a business to the widest audience possible and ensuring that anyone who chooses to visit a commercial website will be able to do so without issue are never matters that should be left to chance.  

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3 Enhanced Usability

A design that utilizes the features and options that can allow disabled users to make full use of a website may be of benefit to other users as well. Optimizing the usability of a site can turn it into a more powerful marketing tool or boost conversion rates, sales figures or online revenue. With an increasing number of consumers electing to make transactions and do business online, concerns like poor site layout, muddled navigation or ease-of-access issues are no longer problems that can be ignored. Investing in a site redesign as well as an accessibility checker that ensures all features as working correctly can be well worth the time and effort involved.  

4 Brand, Image and Reputation

Choosing to overlook the needs of their clientele is never a good look for any business. Efforts to enhance or improve online accessibility for all visitors can be a major PR asset, one that can allow businesses to showcase themselves in a more positive light. Businesses that elect to demonstrate just how committed they are to providing their customers and clients with the best experience possible should have an easier time building and maintaining a recognizable brand, one that new customers are more likely to respond to in a positive way. Company image and professional reputation count for a lot and businesses would do well to ensure that brand reflects positive values and a commitment to equality. 

Making due with an outdated or inaccessible website design or layout can quickly become a major liability. Accessibility and accessibility testing have become essential tools for businesses who wish to maintain an effective online presence. 

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