5 tips for students planning to study abroad

Juliet D'cruz

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Are you planning to study abroad? This can open doors and allow you to have very valuable international adventures. You will have the chance to “show yourself” to the world, in addition to having a totally new experience and certification, as well as building a network and improving your language skills. Ultimately, studying abroad plays a vital role in your complete development. It is a combination of global experience, a different perspective on life and a new culture.

Are you aware of the five recommendations you need to know before studying abroad? If the answer is no, don’t worry: we are here to help you! Here are 5 tips that you should be aware of.

Research and plan

Researching and drafting the plan may be the best travel tips for you as an international student. What is your favorite study destination and what do you want to see, do and explore while abroad? Make sure your university has a course that interests you. Is your student accommodation ideally located for public transportation, shopping centers, restaurants, among others? Search for the connectivity of your location. You will also want to explore places close to the city where you will study. Find out about museums, parks and areas for leisure. You can enrich your experience, make the most of your new home.

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Book your accommodation in advance

First of all, make sure you have decided which accommodation you want to stay in. There are many online booking companies that allow you to choose from a wide variety of student residences or, if you are over 18, arrange for something particular. If you want a student option, you need to be proactive and apply as soon as possible to guarantee a room. It is important to organize your new home before you arrive to study. This means that you will know where you will be staying for the next few years and thus have a little peace of mind. It will also facilitate immigration or police registration. 

Pack with conscience

Packing your bags can be a challenge when studying abroad, but packing early will save you a lot of time and make sure you have everything you need. Don’t overdo it: you’ll want one or two suitcases and carry-on luggage. Before your flight, be sure to check your airline’s policy to avoid any problems at the airport on your departure date. You will also need to check for items that are not allowed. Be smart in that role. Try to avoid bulky things that can be purchased after reaching your destination, such as bedding and crockery. If you stay in student accommodation, they can arrange this for you. Remember to pack certain items that are of sentimental value to you, be they photos, food and snacks, to stay connected with your home.

Get ready

Having done all this, an essential part is to prepare. So relax a little and stop thinking about everything over and over. It is essential to be physically and mentally present in one location. Everything will start to fall into place when you are ready to face the challenges. The first week of your university term as an international student is a chance to participate in social events and make friends. The initial period is full of activities that allow you to concentrate on your studies and getting to know other students. It is also the perfect time to get inside and buy all the essential items to settle in your new home.

Ask your bank for support

The banking system may be different in another country. It is important to be aware when living abroad. Get in touch with your relationship manager, who can better advise you to understand how banks work in your preferred destination. Keep all documentation ready.

Consider each moment and live that experience. Make the most of it! Make it a great joy and seize that opportunity until you reach it.

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