5 Ways to Improve Your Minecraft Gaming Experience: A Guide

Juliet D'cruz

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Minecraft is known to be a fun, and creative survival game. Where its players kill creepers, farm, build shelters and weapons to increase the experience points! 

These points are needed to progress throughout levels as well as to create and repair different weapons and tools. 

You can truly upgrade your Minecraft gaming experience by upgrading your XP as quickly as possible to really take advantage of your tools! Continue reading to learn the latest hacks and trends to become a Minecraft pro.

1. Killing Mobs

Mobs are entities that drop XP when killed. How much XP they drop depends on what level they are and how difficult it is to kill them.

Monster mobs like cave spiders and creepers drop more XP than neutral mobs but boss mobs like Ender dragons will drop the most. Keep an eye out for rare monsters, and when you see them, strike!

2. Cave Spider Farm

Like we previously stated, monster mobs drop more XP than neutral mobs. So, farming these monsters is a great way to gain XP without a ton of work.

To create a cave spider farm, you pretty much just have to block off an abandoned mine shack from both directions!

You can find tutorials on how to do this online, but most players find it more fun to find a unique way to make it work.

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3. Breeding

Breeding is a unique way to gain XP while playing Minecraft without having the repetitive feel of mob-slaying. Breeding allows you to multiply mobs and villagers! 

You can gain XP by breeding alone but once you have a few mobs you can also kill some to gain a few experience points as well. 

4. Farming With Portals

Farming with portals is one of the harder ways to farm and requires a lot of resources. However, if these things are not an issue for the player farming with portals is one of the most lucrative ways to gain XP.

Creating a nether portal pulls in Zombie Pigmen from the nether and doesn’t even require the player to kill the mobs themselves! This is a great way to farm XP quickly but won’t work if your mod has a lot of Minecraft lag.

5. Trading 

Players can trade with villagers with professions! You can give a villager a profession by placing a job site near them. Trading with villagers can gain you up to 1-3 XP and even more if the villager is willing to breed. 

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Upgrading Your Minecraft Gaming Experience

Developing different Minecraft strategies isn’t just fun! It’s a great way to quickly upgrade your experience points while elevating your Minecraft gaming experience as a whole.  

Whether you trade your XP up or take a tougher route to slay ender dragons, Minecraft is about having fun and using your creativity to develop a unique approach to the game’s tasks.

The most important thing is that you’re having fun! If you thought our guide was helpful please explore the rest of our site for more game tips.

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