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Mother nature has blessed us with beautiful gifts, which we call flowers. Flowers have been fundamental to our life since the old times. They are used for decorating our houses. They are used as ornaments, offered as gifts, and are used for worshipping our deities. We send flowers to brighten up our friend’s faces with joy or to apologize for our mistake. Apart from this, these aromatic flowers are also used in making perfumes. Their fragrance captivates everyone’s attention towards them. Perfumes are an essential part of our day to day grooming. Applying perfumes leaves a lasting impact on us. It makes us feel good and elevates our confidence. It also protects us from landing in awkward situations. Perfumes help us to get rid of body odor and attract others towards us. Very often, people remember us through our fragrance and compliment us about the same. Let us know which flowers are used by the perfume industry.


Violets are the favorite pick for the perfume industry. This is because of its distinct, refined fragrance. They grow over an extensive period of time that is from summers to the onset of autumn. These tender blooms can be used for feminine fragrances. Besides being used in perfumes, the flower is also used for making body lotions. These were believed to be enormously admired by Napoleon. The smell of the violets resembles pretty much to those of Iris. These sweetly scented flowers are believed to be the symbol of faithfulness. In ancient times these flowers were used to cure headaches. Geisha Violet, Violet Blonde, Violette and Lieu De Reves are some perfumes that are made from the extracts of these Flowers.

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We often order roses online to offer them as a token of love. Besides being the messenger of passion, these flowers can also be used to charm others. Owing to their magical fragrance, the queen of flowers forms an essential ingredient of the perfume industry. About seventy-five percent of the floral scents make use of rose and its varieties. Native to South France, Rosa Centifolia is a significant pick for perfumes. Apart from this, Rosa Damascene, mostly found in Arab countries, is also used a lot by the perfume industry. Some of the popular rose perfume brands are Eau Rose, Kai Dermstore, Dolce Rose Excelsa and Rose Prick. Rose fragrances are an everyday classic.


Often overlooked in the variety of white color flowers is the night-blooming flower of Jasmine. Jasmine perfumes can provide a soothing effect to the person who wears them and those around them. In India, Jasmine is popularly known as Gandhraj, which means king of fragrances. Thus, Jasmine is supreme in terms of floral aromas. These mildly scented flowers are used in aromatherapy. They are used in hair oils as well. Apart from being a great mood uplifter, these flowers nourish the skin as well. Some of the popular perfumes made from the delicate petals of Jasmine are Oriflame Eclat Femme, Oriflame Sensual Jasmine, Pacifia Tunisia Jasmine, Amouage Jasmine, and Miro Mysteria.


Being blessed with a pungent scent, Plumeria or Frangipani grow on a flowering tree. The five-petalled flower is mostly white in color though available in shades of pink and yellow as well. Not just the perfumes, these flowers are also used for making scented candles, soap and massage oils. Also known as the Champa, these flowers are most fragrant during the night. Its sweet fragrance attracts moths and other organisms and helps in pollination. These flowers start blooming in early spring and continue blooming till fall. Plumeria is a symbol of creativity and creation. Some perfumes which make use of this flower as its core fragrance are Alpha Beauty Hawaiian Plumeria, Malie Organic Plumeria, Demeter Fragrance Frangipani and Victoria’s Secret Beach Bloom.

The next time when you look for a perfume, you can look at its core ingredient and pick the best fragrance for you. Online flower delivery in Mumbai is an excellent way of offering gifts to our friends. However, you can also choose a perfume made of your friend’s favorite flower to give them as a gift. In this way, your floral delight would last long, and your friend can always feel your presence around due to the perfume’s fragrance.

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