6 Important Tips for Planning Your Campervan Holiday

Juliet D'cruz

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In 2021, around 42% of campers were planning to camp this year, either in a tent or campervan. 

Taking your family on a campervan holiday is the best way to explore a new place while living in the comfort of your own mobile home. Perhaps you’ve got a vacation booked, but you don’t know what to bring on your first time.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are six tips for planning your next campervan holiday.

  1. Find the Right Campervan 

Browse campervan rentals to find the ultimate one for your trip.

You should consider your budget, how many people are going, and the amenities you want. Make sure you get a van that covers the basics like running hot water and electricity. Plus, you must be comfortable driving it, especially if it’s a larger model.  

  1. Choose the Perfect Location

While planning a campervan vacation, it’s important to choose the perfect location. Find spots on your road trip that welcome campervans. At the very least, choose campsites that offer water access and a leveled parking space for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Pack the Essentials

Not sure what to take on a campervan vacation? You must only pack essentials, as you’ll likely have little space. 

Because of this, pack t-shirts, pants, and underwear for the entire trip. You should also pack a jacket so you don’t run the campervan’s heater at night when it’s too cold. Don’t forget to bring your toiletries, electronics, and food.

If you have a cooler or minifridge, load up on veggies, otherwise, keep non-perishable items so you can buy fresh produce when needed.  

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  1. Plan For the Unexpected

In your vacation planning, be prepared for the unexpected. Before you head out, check the campervan’s brakes, fluid levels, and battery to prevent any problems. Don’t forget to inflate the tires and pack a fully charged portable charger so you stay connected.

You should also download the best offline GPS map and have emergency hotel funds in case a problem arises.  

  1. Keep Your Campervan Clean

The key to a successful campervan vacation is having a clean, clutter-free space. As it’s small, your campervan can easily become messy, so make sure each item has its own designated space. 

You should also pack clean bedsheets, towels, and regularly ventilate your van to prevent your vehicle from overheating.  

  1. Tell a Loved One Where You’re Going 

Even if you’re not traveling far, tell a loved one where you’re going. You may get a flat tire or a dead battery and need help. Because of this, keep their phone number handy.  

Listen to Our Campervan Holiday Tips

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re now prepared for your campervan holiday. 

Start by finding the right campervan, choose the ultimate location, and pack essentials before you go. Also, always be prepared and tell a loved one where you’re going so you’re safe. Good luck! 

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