6 Things to Do in Packwood, WA

Juliet D'cruz

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If you’re looking to explore great attractions this 2021, then you should travel to Packwood, Washington State. 

Located a good 2.5 driving hours away from Seattle via Highway 12, it’s home to miles of forest trails surrounded by the Mt. Rainier National Park. 

Given its many outdoor gems, you won’t run out of things to do in Packwood, WA

Here are six of them:

Traverse the Packwood Lake Trail

If you’re looking for the best trail for spring hiking, then make sure to visit Packwood Lake. It’s located along South Cascades in the Goat Rocks, six miles inland from the FR-1260.

Make sure to run through Trail 78, which begins with a stunning four-mile track. It’s easy to traverse, offering views of Mt. Rainier and Johnson Peak along the way. 

Hike 4.6 miles, and you’ll stumble upon an old ranger station. A few ways more, you’ll finally reach the famed lake with a small island in the middle. Here, you can go fishing and catch your lunch or dinner. 

Should you get tired, you can go camping amidst the beauty of a lush forest and its colorful wildflowers. If you’re still up to it, you can hike the connecting trails of Mosquito Lake and Lost Lake the next day. 

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Climb the High Rock Trail

High Rock in South Cascades is a four-mile journey that culminates in the height of 5,685 feet. On a clear day, you’re sure to enjoy a breathtaking view of Packwood, Washington. 

Glance northeast, and you’ll see Mount Rainier National Park. Turn your head even further, and you’ll see the peaceful Cora Lake, which is perched 1,800 feet on top. 

While the climb to the summit is moderately steep, it’s short. Should you need to take a breather, there are benches 0.7 and 0.9 miles along the trail.

Once you reach the Sawtooth summit, you only need to hike 1.6 miles more to reach the summit. You can take a little rest at the quaint cabin up top, which was built in 1959. 

Remember to bring your water and other hiking needs as there are no amenities along the way! 

Ski on White Pass, Packwood WA

With Mt. Rainier as its backdrop, White Pass is the perfect place to ski. 

You can explore the beginner-friendly Paradise Basin and Couloir Express to the Great White Express’s steeper and more challenging trail.

Skiing is not the only thing you can do at White Pass Packwood, though. Here, you and your children can experience various snow activities—from alpine racing to snowboarding! 

You can even take your family on walking tours around the surrounding forest. 

Discover the White Pass Country Historical Museum

Located along US Highway 12 is one of the more famous attractions of Packwood, Washington: the White Pass Museum. It’s open Thursdays to Saturdays during the summer and Saturdays every winter.

The museum is home to three prominent exhibits. The Mt. St. Helens display chronicles the events before, during, and after its eruption in 1980.

It also has a Native American display, where you’ll see 200-year-old artifacts. Many of them are from Mary Kiona, a Taitnapam who lived along the Upper Cowlitz River. 

Its third display is the Antique Quilt Exhibit, which includes tapestries made and used by the early settlers in the valley. 

Drink Good Coffee at The Mountain Goat Packwood

Are you feeling cold and sleepy? You’re sure to get the caffeine jolt you need at the Mountain Goat in Packwood, WA 98361. 

Headlined by a massive sign out front, the cafe boasts a beautiful interior and a wide array of micro-roasted coffee.

If you like a traditional cup, you’ll enjoy its smooth black coffee, the Goat Rocks Blend style. 

Looking for a quick bite? Then make sure to try any of the Mountain Goat’s baked delights. 

The fun part about this store is you won’t leave empty-handed. It also offers lovely souvenirs, like the Goats coffee mug and some homemade artwork, apart from packed coffee beans. 

Sample the Best Beers at Packwood Brewing Co.

Nestled in one of the town’s historical landmarks—Store no. 2—is Packwood Brewing Co. Here, you could find top-shelf ales this side of Washington. 

That said, it’s the best place to warm down, especially after you’ve engaged in the fun activities above.

During your visit, make sure to try these original brews: 

White Pass Ale

This pale liquor is an easy drink, thanks to the citrusy finish given by the Mandarina Bavaria hops. 

Tree Line IPA

This Washington-style beer is made from Yakima Valley hops, thus giving it a sweet malt taste with a hint of tropical fruit. 

Cowlitz Kölsch

First brewed in Cologne, Germany, this ale has a crisp, refreshing taste that makes it perfect post-skiing. 

These are just six of the things you can experience in Packwood, WA 98361. There is a whole lot more to explore, so make sure to visit this peaceful community today! 

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