6 Tips on Choosing Window Tints for Your Home

Juliet D'cruz

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Choosing window tints for your home can offer you several benefits depending on what sort of tint you want to apply. But before you can break out the tinting tools, there are a few things you want to know that could affect your decision! Read on for six tips on choosing window tints for your home!

1. What Type of Tint?

When looking into window tint options, you might find yourself spoiled for choice, as there are several types of window tint available to choose from. Each type of tint has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, if you are looking to improve energy efficiency, then you might want a solar tint.

2. Are Your Windows Compatible?

Certain types of glass are rated to handle a higher amount of thermal stress than others. If you use the wrong type of tint with your windows, you could end up with cracked windows. This means you don’t want to use solar tint on home windows that absorb more than fifty percent of solar radiation.

3. Does Tinting Void Your Warranty?

Because of the compatibility issue, many window manufacturers add a warranty clause that voids your window’s warranty if you add a tinting film to it. This makes it very important to check your warranty papers for such additions before you begin tinting your windows. Your documentation may list compatible tint types, making it easy to get the tint you want for your home!

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4. Does Your Window Already Have a Coating?

If your windows come coated with an energy-efficient coating, then you might wish to opt for a more decorative option for your tint, as adding a second solar tint wouldn’t help your energy bill much. With more modern windows, they will come coating with a thin metal oxide layer over the glass for higher energy efficiency, but if your windows are older, then getting an energy-efficient tint will make a difference. Check your window’s documentation if you don’t know for sure.

5. Are You Going to DIY?

Probably the first choice you will make is whether or not you want to have the tint professionally installed, or you will do it yourself. Tinting home windows are already inexpensive, and going DIY will cut that cost in half. With many window upgrades and improvements, it’s advisable to go with a professional, but with a home window tint kit, it is well within the capabilities of the average homeowner.

6. Are You Renting or a Homeowner?

If you are renting and still want to tint your windows, you need to be aware that not all window tints are temporary. There are renter-friendly options out there that can be installed and cleanly removed, but other tints are semi-permanent, meaning they leave some residue behind when removed, and still, others are never meant to be removed at all. Be vigilant about what type of window tint that you buy if you are renting!

Choosing Window Tints

Choosing window tints for your home depends on many factors, all of which can affect your purchase. Whether you want more energy efficiency, or are after simple aesthetics, read your window’s documentation and warranty! Know your options and pick up the right tint for your windows.

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