6 ways you can be a more efficient advisor with top financial planner tools

Charlotte Miller

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Being a financial advisor is getting harder these days. Since the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation, and Financial Services Industry, and implementations by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority, there are more regulations and compliances that you must contend with. Meaning more time and money. Unless you sensibly take full advantage of today’s technology, social media, and financial planner tools.

  • Social media presence

These days almost everyone has social media. To overlook this sector is to ignore many opportunities to meet prospective customers. There’s plenty of venues that you can take advantage of such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or YouTube. You can run podcasts, write blogs and articles, make videos, or upload photos. Stand out from the crowd, be present where the people are, and you will reach more customers. It is also a smooth beginning to the digital client record you must keep for compliance reasons, and the perfect set up for using financial planner tools.

  • Testimonials

With so much competition out there, and too many online scams, people aren’t just going to trust anyone. So, having real, authentic, heartfelt testimonials from your existing clients can turn wary consumers into prospective customers.

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  • Client CRM

When prospective customers find you, you need them to give you more information about themselves, their wants, needs, and dreams. So, invite them to fill out a questionnaire, receive a free gift, or get a quick assessment. Once you have their information your financial planner tools will create a client CRM (customer relationship management), this will hold all the information passed between your company and your client. Everything is digitally recorded, administration time is more than halved, and you are meeting your compliance needs.

  • Automated advice

Part of the regulations a financial adviser must abide by is a record of SOA (Statement of Advice). This means any advice you give your clients must be recorded. The financial planner tools record this information into the client CRM. Once again, saving lots of administration time and minimising errors and typos.

  • Mobile technology

These days most people always have their mobile phone with them, and they expect to be able to access any information and carry out necessary tasks on their phone. So, if you have a website, make sure it has a mobile friendly version or your customers might try the next financial adviser instead.

  • Retain clients

Your financial planner tools will also help you retain clients by automating regular contact, by assessing their satisfaction, and by giving your clients easy access to financial planning. A system like the one offered by advice intelligence will ensure you save time and money.

Don’t loose hours of your day on admin or waste heaps of money when financial planner tools will save you. Not only will you find more clients, make using you easier for them, save you time, help you comply with regulations, but you will also be able to retain more clients. Contact advice intelligence for more information on financial planner tools.

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