A Guide to Bitcoin Miner Hosting

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Bitcoin recently reached a new record high. It’s easy to see why investors are excited about the popular cryptocurrency. If you had invested $1,000 in 2016, that investment would be worth nearly $60,000 today.

Beyond the direct investment in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin miner hosting is another means of being a player in the world of digital currency. A bitcoin miner can even profit from the work through payouts in Bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin Miner Hosting?

Each transaction of Bitcoin is recorded on a digital ledger. Cryptomining prevents the double-spending of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining also ensures that each transfer, purchase, or exchange of Bitcoin is valid and secure. 

Computers or a network of computers perform Bitcoin mining host functions by continually solving complex mathematical equations. Specifically, the Bitcoin host verifies the hashes of unconfirmed groups of blockchain.

Each hash is a lengthy digital code. The rate that any given computer can compute each has is known as the hash rate. As computers have increased in computing power, hash rates have risen exponentially.

The main benefit of mining Bitcoin is the reward: payouts in Bitcoin. A portion of a newly-minted Bitcoin is rewarded every ten minutes or so to the person whose mining efforts were quickest at discovering the new blockchain. 

Mining Bitcoin remains a profitable but increasingly complicated prospect, as we’ll describe below. 

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How Do I Mine Bitcoin?

Around 8% of Bitcoin’s hash rate comes from the United States and Canada. As one way to get into Bitcoin investing, mining requires some serious computational power.

The global hash rate continues to grow. Computational rates are now measures in units known as a petahash (quadrillions of Hashes/second).

Mining Rigs

To perform the advanced computation, miners rely on a mining rig. You can use a high-end conventional PC, but state-of-the-art hardware is typically employed for this task. When it comes to mining rigs, there are many options.

Specialized mining hardware mines Bitcoin. These dedicated computers run between $2,500 and $10,000 per unit. Since energy usage cuts into profits, building energy-efficient units have become important. 

Tips for Maximizing Mining Profits

The higher the hash rate, the higher your Bitcoin profits will be. Remember, your Bitcoin rig will generate heat. As you prepare to purchase mining hardware, find a dedicated space where your equipment can be kept cool.

A mismatch in hardware and power usage could lead to losses instead of profits. The profitability of your work as a Bitcoin miner depends on the value of Cryptocurrency. Consider the value and the projected value of Bitcoin before investing in a dedicated Bitcoin mining computer.

Keep up With the Latest in Cryptocurrency Trends

Now that you understand how Bitcoin miner hosting works, you can shop around for the latest Bitcoin rigs. Whether you are investing in new cryptocurrencies or helping support the development of Bitcoin by mining Bitcoin, you are part of what many see as the future of currency.

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