A Quick Guide to Knee Injury Recovery

Juliet D'cruz

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Have you recently suffered a knee injury?

If so, then you’ve already discovered how painful and debilitating this type of injury can be. After all, most people take for granted how much they depend on their knees for mobility.

When you have a knee injury, the key is to understand the best methods of injury recovery so that you can resume your normal activities.

This article takes a look at common recovery tips for a knee injury, including knee surgery as well as less invasive techniques for how to recover. Keep reading to discover the important details.

Common Causes of Knee Injuries

Let’s start by discussing some of the most common ways people hurt their knees. 

There is an endless number of ways to experience knee injuries, especially when you’re an active person. You might hurt your knee while running, by standing too quickly, by falling, or as a result of a car accident, etc.

One of the biggest problems with knee injuries is you can’t predict them, so it’s hard to be prepared. The pain from this type of injury is often sudden and extreme, making it difficult to walk.

Once you’ve sustained a knee injury, it’s important to stay off your feet as much as possible to prevent the injury from getting worse.

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Recovery Exercises

Depending on the severity of your knee injury, there are certain exercises that can help strengthen your knee so it will heal faster. Just remember to always talk to your doctor before engaging in any type of exercise following an injury.

Most physical therapists will suggest starting by lying flat on your back and slowly raising your injured leg and slowly bending the knee until the pain flares up. Hold this position for a beat, then gently straighten the leg and lower it back to the floor.

You can also do a similar exercise while sitting on a chair. Sit with your back straight and straighten your leg at the knee before lowering it to the floor. The great thing about this simple strengthening exercise is you can do it while seated at your desk at work.

The key is to strengthen the tendons in your knee a little bit each day.  

Knee Surgery

When your knee has been injured, surgery will likely be necessary. This is the best way to repair internal damage and help accelerate the healing process.

An experienced surgeon like Dr Raymond Wallace orthopaedic surgeon can help speed up your recovery.

Physical Therapy

Once you’ve had knee surgery, you’ll likely need to spend several weeks or months working with a physical therapist. These are healthcare professionals who understand how to help patients recover from all types of accidents so they can regain a full range of movement.

A Guide to Injury Recovery For Knee Injuries

There’s nothing fun about suffering a serious knee injury. Fortunately, these tips for injury recovery will help you start feeling strong and healthy again in no time.

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