An Easy Trick to Edit PDFs: Convert Them to Word!

Juliet D'cruz

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Documents are everyday necessities that we deal with at work. All the contracts, projects, proposals, and the like can exist in different file formats, depending on a specific requirement or preference. For instance, you might have numerous files in portable document format in your archive because you often share them with other people online.

As we all know, PDFs are famous for preserving document formatting across devices. Moreover, they offer superb security through PDF password protection, and you can open them without specific software. Of course, there are times where you have to edit your PDFs. Doing so could be difficult without special tools, but there’s one hack you can do to accomplish this.

Convert your PDFs to Word files

Word files, or more formally, DOC files, are versatile and editable documents that you create using word processors, such as Microsoft Word. You can insert both images and text in this file format, just as much as you can in PDFs. What sets it apart from PDF files is that you can straightforwardly modify them without much hassle. Why should you convert your files from PDF to Word format?

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Why convert your documents?

Word processors like MS Word and Google Docs provide much more features than PDF editors. For instance, they are equipped with spelling and grammar checking tools that are perfect for you when drafting documents. Moreover, inserting photos on your files would be more manageable when using them.

Another reason that may make you convert your files to Word is that this file format supports screen reading – a feature that helps blind people to comprehend a document’s contents. The most common reason for doing the file conversion is the convenience that it brings about. Imagine removing the need to start copying a particular PDF from scratch. That’d be relaxing!

Is the PDF to Word conversion tool free?

One factor that might make you hesitate from doing the file conversion is if there’s a price. Fortunately, you can successfully do this without spending bucks! Given how powerful the web is, all you have to do is look for online file converters. Doing so would be pretty easy since such tools are abundant online.

Convert your files with PDFBear!

Among all other tools, we recommend PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter, which is one of the best file conversion tools out there. It boasts tight security and quick conversion, which made it a popular choice. It is entirely usable for free, though you can apply for a premium subscription if you want. Nonetheless, all you have to do is visit its website and do the following steps.

  1. Select your PDF from your directory, then upload it to the converter.
  2. PDFBear will process your file automatically.
  3. Wait for the tool to finish its work.
  4. Save your file once done!

What makes such tools really valuable is that they require no software installation while providing the services that you need. Moreover, they exhibit a user-friendly interface that allows every person to do the conversion without the need for expert knowledge. Expect high-quality output files from PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter.

How does the conversion happen?

PDFBear uses Optical Character Recognition technology to convert your files. OCR is a type of program that scans images, PDFs, and similar things for text. It then converts what it scanned to machine-encoded text. By doing this, PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter can preserve the formatting of your documents even after the file format changed.

What does this mean for you?

With the help of such powerful tools, you can save a lot of time and effort that you could have unnecessarily wasted on copy-paste tasks. You can just open your browser, go to PDFBear’s website, conduct the conversion, and work with your files. It can drastically lighten your workload, reduce stress, and increase your productivity.

These aside, you can now edit your documents and format them flexibly, which is something that you cannot do with PDF files. You can be more confident with them and make them better-made with the help of spell checkers and grammar tools. In short, you would not be strapped for ways to modify your documents now.

Use PDFs and Word files side by side

The best thing that you can do is to use portable document format and Word files side by side. For example, you can convert your PDF files to Word when editing them. On the other hand, you can convert Word to PDF to make sure that your edits and document formatting doesn’t go to waste and be messed up when sharing with others.


Each file format can provide different uses in various contexts. In this case, Word files are the best choice when editing documents. If you want to edit your PDF files, convert them to Word now with PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter!

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