Benefits of Divorce Lawyers

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Benefits of Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is a long and tiring process that has been made easy and accessible by divorce lawyers. Divorce lawyers in United Arab Emirates especially the Divorce Lawyers in Dubai, do understand all the legal procedures very well, based on their expereince. They give legal advice on how to proceed with your case for a particular jurisdiction and court system with direct knowledge of local laws and customs. These Lawyers are the part of Family Law Advocates or also known as Family Lawyers. The Family Lawyers in Dubai are rated as one of the Best Lawyers in UAE. Family Lawyers in Dubai are popular like Real Estate Lawyers and Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai, UAE. 

Divorce Lawyers are quite beneficial for society when a domestic dispute needs to be removed. They not only expedite the divorce process but can also act as a mediator between spouses. Further, they also provide non-emotional, unbiased advice to their client, which is quite necessary sometimes for the client and may help them in taking the right decision. 

These mediation can be on personal levels, because the mediation arranged by Al Adheed Center, is by the Al Adheed Center, which is a representative of government body. Divorce Lawyers have played an important role in the divorce rates of a country. The divorce rate is the ratio between the number of divorces pronounced in a year and the average total population for the year. Many countries have quite higher divorce rates whereas many countries have relatively lesser rates.

Divorce Rate in DUBAI (Not 100% Accurate Figure)

Now, if we talk about Dubai the divorce rate is not that high. It falls in moderation. Recently, the divorce rate has dropped in Dubai. According to Khaleej Times, divorce rates in Dubai dropped by 35% in 4 years. The number of divorce cases in the United Arab Emirates has been dropping gradually between 2016 and 2019.

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Survey Conducted by CDA

There was a survey conducted by the Community Development Authority (CDA) in collaboration with the Dubai Statistics Center and the Dubai Courts and reported by Khaleej Times. The survey showed a decline in the divorce rate in the emirate between 2016 to 2019. The rate has dropped from 3.76 in 2016 to 2.44 in 2019. This study covered all the cases where one or both partners are Emiratis. 

Study Reveals 

Study reveals that there has been a significant decline in the divorce rate because of easy policies and the use of divorce lawyers. Divorce lawyers have made the whole process attainable. Divorce lawyers do not only do that, but even advise their clients, and can sometimes even change their minds about taking a divorce. They may ask their clients to take couple counseling for reconciliation. Divorce lawyers play a useful and beneficial part in the country’s declining divorce rate. 

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DUBAI Family Lawyers

Dubai Family Lawyers are the top best family lawyers in UAE. Basically the Lawyers in DUBAI, are quite popular for different domains. These are from Real Estate to Employment, Wills and Estate to Investments, Banking to Commercial Law, Criminal Law including Public Prosecution etc.