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It’s no secret that with the advancement of technology, people have developed many tools to make it easier for us. We are not making the most of what technology has brought to us. GPS technology is considered one of those technologies that most of us often overlook. In a general sense, users view GPS as a tool that enables them to get the right driving directions. Apart from all that, Today’s users often use GPS to perform other tasks as well. 

However, here in this article, we do not intend to elaborate on those essential functions. Instead, we feature some of the most potent GPS-enabled apps that can track another person’s phone and alert you to its location. So, if you need a tracker on the phone without them knowing or following someone with a cell phone number without them knowing, you can choose the option we have covered 

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In a general sense, users view GPS as a tool that enables them to get the right driving directions. Apart from all that, Today’s users often use GPS to perform other tasks as well also by using computer monitoring software.

checking phone numbers and messages, you can do that with FamiSafe parental control app.

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About FamiSafe             

FamiSafe claims to be the number one tracking app without your target person knowing. It is because of its flexibility with various Smartphones and its easy-to-use and almighty power.

It will send you instant notifications when you are following your targeted calls. 

FamiSafe application Allows you to limit your children’s calls and notify you as soon as your children are moving or moving away from that limit.

After all, they are less likely to watch or play on their phones.

FamiSafe is a very reliable parental control app with features such as kids screen restriction, location tracking, website filtering, game & porn blocking, finding suspicious images, and finding suspicious text Just like for the social media platforms, and any other chatting apps that disturb your child mind Connect family devices, keep your family safe.

Achievements of FamiSafe app

  • Excellent family product, and also it Awarded with a Mom’s Choice Award.
  • Win 2020 Winner of NAPPA. Awarded by National Parenting Product AWARDS.
  • Seal of Approval Winner. Awarded by the National Parenting Center.

How can FamiSafe helps you

  • As children grow up in the digital age, we need to help them develop healthy digital habits. FamiSafe’s parental control screen time makes it easy.
  • Kids love to stay up all night chatting online or playing games and quickly get an evil eye. The FamiSafe parental control app and screen time and activity report function can help you.
  • When children sneak out of school and skip classes without permission brought to dangerous places, you can use the FamiSafe parental control app during location tracking.
  • Children exposed to gambling or sexually explicit material may post and share sexually explicit images on social networking sites. You will receive instant alerts from the FamiSafe time tracking app and keep your kids at risk online.

How works FamiSafe app

New Dashboard and notification

  • View screen time and Today’s notification in Dashboard
  • See notifications by categories.

Location Tracker & GPS phone tracker

  • Track your children’s current time zone and location history
  • Create a safe place to track children and get alerts when you break a planned location

Timeline for phone activity

  • Track phone activities remotely
  • Look at what app’s kids are installing or not downloading

Screen Time Schedule

  • Track How much screen time kids spend online
  • Remotely screen schedule daily schedule or weekly app usage

Application / Game blocker and usage

  • Block or restrict specific inappropriate applications
  • Send an instant warning when kids try to open blocked apps or games

Website filter and Browser history

  • Protect your child from the unknown or 18+ site or other threatening sites
  • Track Browsing history for kids

Suspicious Image Discovery

  • Send instant alerts when you find harmful photos in children’s albums
  • View explicit images directly on the parent device

Finding suspicious text

  • Find harmful keywords from search history, see or send texts to a social media app
  • Setting vital words that you worry about, such as sex, Violence, or Drugs
  • Find WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more

Drive safety

  • Records -Track of driving speed, driving time, hard binding
  • assisted young men in developed

Find suspicious things about parental control apps and location Tracker – FamiSafe?

  1. Install the FamiSafe phone screen time tracking app on the device you want to monitor;
  2. Register FamiSafe parental control app account;
  3. Start screen time and parental controls!

Try a FREE trial now!

After your trial, Then FamiSafe screen time and parental control app with a small monthly subscription.




Therefore, FamiSafe- The most reliable parental control app, is full of features and makes parents feel in control of their child’s health. It prevents kids from cheating, keeps them in line, and helps them balance their valuable time between lessons with their iPhone. FamiSafe has an easy-to-use interface that ensures results. This app will help you with many types. If you are a parent, FamiSafe should have it!

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