Call To Action: How Important It Is

Juliet D'cruz

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most dynamic tools humans have invented in digital marketing and data analytics. So much information is fed on the Internet and the algorithm every day. It is impressive how innovations such as search engines, crawlers that gather all the information in the world wide web, and more have created this comprehensive system where users get what they are looking for. Website developers and owners get to boost what they offer. However, it takes hard work to master how search engines and their ranking system work. Efforts must be put in for results to dominate SERPs (search engine results pages) and use SEO strategically. Every element there is to work on must be given importance, even as simple as your page or content’s call to action.

What is an SEO call to action, and why is it important?

Web owners may perceive the call to action (CTA) as just a simple part of their website and may overlook it. Little do they know of its powerful impact on the people who visit their website. CTA is where you convert visitors into leads and customers with a simple click.

A CTA is a button with a message that encourages visitors to take action. One of the most common CTAs is the “click here” button. A study conducted found out that the button “shop now” is the most popularly used, and the top click-through rate performer is the “learn more.”

CTAs do not only come as a button. It can also be a line of text or an image. In a different study conducted in 2017, CTAs in the form of text lines are the most effective ones, followed by the buttons in second and images in third.


Here are some of the reasons why CTAs are essential and effective:

  • They help build an audience and grow sales.

As mentioned above, CTAs create the transition from being a visitor to a lead or a customer. Although CTAs may not generate profit immediately, it helps you grow your audience by encouraging them to subscribe to your newsletters and whatnot. Moreover, CTAs guide visitors and leads through the buying process, thus increasing the probability that someone purchases through your website.

  • They bring your visitors where you want them to be.

It’s not only about the endgame of availing products or services. To entice potential customers, you may also make a different content or article as the landing page to better convince the users and build intrigue and excitement for what you offer.

  • They help in organising your website.

A compelling CTA is strategically placed; this will help the website come off as organised and structured. CTAs can capture the attention of visitors and redirect them to the vital parts of the website.

  • They avoid any confusion your audience may have.

CTAs instruct visitors straightforwardly in the actions you want people who visit your website to take. They should directly give them the next steps, such as filling out forms to subscribe to newsletters or avail offerings, trials, and free or limited versions of products or services.

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