CompTIA A+ Program (Admin, Developer, Marketer and Others): Key Points You Should Know

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CompTIA A+ is a company specializing in Cloud-based solutions for the customers. And with the huge surge in demand for Cloud solutions, this organization has been growing in leaps and bounds. Besides the CRM service, A+ Practice Test also specializes in selling a suite of applications for the enterprises. These applications cover customer service, analytics, application development, and marketing automation.

CompTIA A+ also offers different certifications to those individuals who want to familiarize themselves with its suite of applications and use it to develop the most-wanted solutions for their organizations. This guide will give you a general overview of the CompTIA A+ program and what it means to you as a professional.

What Does CompTIA A+ Mean to You?

CompTIA A+ has an extensive certification program that equips the candidates with the most marketable skill set today. It covers varied roles, such as a software developer, a project manager, a solutions architect, and so on. Whether you want to get a new job, earn a salary raise or promotion, CompTIA A+ has great options for you. Its credentials give you a chance to make brilliant moves in your career. And here are more reasons to choose it among other certification providers:

  • CompTIA A+ has a range of tools that you can use to transform your ideas into actual apps. So, instead of designing infrastructure first before building your app, you can use the readily available CompTIA A+ tools to build it. This saves you time as well as money.
  • The platform has unique features that make it fast, easy, and effective to use.
  • CompTIA A+ is scalable, flexible, and affordable.

Through its line of credentials, 220-1001 A+ Exam enables you to gain the required skills and knowledge to become an expert in providing Cloud solutions. The certifications are spread across five roles. They are Administrator, Architect, Marketer, Consultant, and Developer. Let’s cover each of these roles briefly while mentioning some of the certificates available.

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CompTIA A+ Roles and Certifications

  • CompTIA A+ Administrator. The CompTIA A+ administrators utilize the CompTIA A+ features and the potential to provide solutions for various business challenges. There are the following badges for this role: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, CPQ Specialist, Marketing Cloud Administrator, and Platform App Builder.
  • CompTIA A+ Architect. The CompTIA A+ architects develop and manage solutions on CompTIA A+. Some of the certifications for this role include Architecture Designer, Application Architect, Systems Architect, B2C Commerce Architect, Heroku Architecture Designer, and Technical Architect.
  • CompTIA A+ Developer. The CompTIA A+ developers develop various solutions on the platform. This role comes with B2C Commerce Developer, Marketing Cloud Developer, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I and II, and JavaScript Developer I.
  • CompTIA A+ Marketer. The CompTIA A+ marketers focus on marketing Cloud solutions. Some of the certificates for this role are Marketing Cloud Administrator, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Pardot Specialist, and Pardot Consultant.
  • CompTIA A+ Consultant. The CompTIA A+ consultants are those who provide implementation and consultation solutions in the customer-facing roles. Among the badges involved are Community Cloud Consultant, Education Consultant, Field Services Lightning Consultant, and more.

Each certificate requires a successful performance in the respective exam. Their cost ranges from as low as $200 to as high as $6,000, depending on the role and level you’re specializing in. These tests are challenging but with the help of exam dumps and practice tests, you can always understand the requirements of the certification exam and face the actual one with confidence. Make sure that you practice regularly to achieve better scores.


CompTIA A+ offers an array of solutions for both businesses and professionals. If you own a business, you can benefit from effective Cloud solutions offered by CompTIA A+. If you’re a professional who wants to enhance expertise in working with the CompTIA A+ platform, the credentials of this vendor will be the best bet for you. Whatever your goal, CompTIA A+ has all you could possibly need!

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