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Do you have stubborn fat around your midsection that you haven’t been able to lose despite following a strict diet and exercising routine? CoolSculpting® is an FDA-approved, non-invasive fat reduction therapy that can help you achieve your desired look if you want to get rid of these fat deposits without surgery and are at or near your optimum weight. Dr. Paul LoVerme, our board-certified plastic surgeon, offers a new technique that requires no anesthesia or incisions. CoolSculpting® can naturally and gradually reduce extra fat cells from the belly, back, upper arms, hips, thighs, and other parts of the body using a number of specialized treatment applicators. Individual treatment regimens are designed to each patient’s exact fat reduction demands, making CoolSculpting® a highly personalised process.

This non-surgical method can often be used as an alternative to liposuction or other surgical fat reduction alternatives for many people. Dr. LoVerme, a skilled and well-trained plastic surgeon, offers a variety of body contouring operations and can help you choose the ideal one for your needs, objectives, lifestyle, and budget.

Contact The LoVerme Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation if you’d like to learn more about CoolSculpting® and see whether you’re a good candidate for treatment.So, Coolsculpting in Dubai is a well-known treatment system for non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

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What are the CoolSculpting® Advantages?

CoolSculpting® is a groundbreaking therapy that allows both men and women to lose stubborn fat without the need for surgery. Patients who want to smooth and slenderize their body contours would appreciate the benefits of this fat removal procedure, which include:

  • CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that has been FDA authorized to reduce fat in a variety of locations of the body.
  • CoolSculpting® can be used to slim down huge areas of fat as well as fine-tune the figure by treating smaller, isolated fat deposits.
  • During treatment, patients usually suffer only mild to moderate discomfort, and there is little to no downtime required.
  • Treatment regimens for CoolSculpting® are highly personalized to accomplish specific body reshaping goals.
  • To attain the best outcomes, treatment sessions might be repeated.
  • Depending on the applicators used, sessions can last an hour or less.
  • CoolAdvantageTM applicators can help patients feel more comfortable and cut treatment time in half.

What Is CoolSculpting® and How Does It Work?

CoolSculpting® uses a carefully controlled cooling technique known as cryolipolysis to target fat cells in the treatment region while leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unaffected. A customized cooling device suctions in a pichable region of skin and excess fat from specified locations of the body during treatment, and cools the fat to a temperature that destroys fat cells. The body metabolizes the injured fat cells and filters them out through the lymphatic system, reducing the thickness of the fat layer in the treated area. Skin tightens during the fat reduction process if the patient has adequate skin elasticity. And As a result of starting fat freezing in Dubai treatment, people can easily control their fat.

Applicators for CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting® applicators have been developed by ZELTIQ, the company that invented the procedure, to make it easier to target certain parts of the body and treat varied amounts of fat. The company’s most recent product is a line of new CoolAdvantageTM applicators that reduce treatment times and improve patient comfort. We offer a variety of CoolSculpting® applicators at The LoVerme Center for Plastic Surgery to provide our patients with a highly tailored treatment that can produce ideal body contouring results:

CoolAdvantageTM: CoolAdvantageTM applicators reduce treatment time by half while increasing comfort by 45 percent. CoolSculpting® applicators CoolCurve+ AdvantageTM, CoolCore AdvantageTM, and CoolFit AdvantageTM have been modified to work with the new CoolAdvantageTM technology.

CoolPetite AdvantageTM is a member of the CoolAdvantageTM family of products that is meant to treat small, recalcitrant pockets of fat on the arms, mid-back, back of the thighs, knees, and other areas of the body rapidly and pleasantly.

CoolMaxTM: The large CoolMaxTM applicator is ideal for reducing fat volume (also known as “debulking”) in the lower and higher abdomen regions.

CoolCoreTM: The CoolCoreTM is a miniature version of the CoolMaxTM applicator for precision sculpting. The CoolCoreTM applicator is most commonly used to eliminate fat from the sides and waist. It can also be used to slim down resistant bulges in the abdomen, chest (for men), hips, and back, as well as minor areas around the “bikini area” (i.e. lower abdomen, lower hips, and beneath the buttocks).

CoolFitTM: The CoolFitTM applicator has a bigger cooling area than the CoolCoreTM, making it perfect for treating lengthy vertical fat deposits that are difficult to reach, such as the inner thighs and beneath the upper arms.

CoolCurve+TM: A curved applicator with a smaller cooling surface than the CoolCoreTM, CoolCurve+TM is a curved applicator with a smaller cooling surface than the CoolCoreTM. It’s made to target curved, hard-to-reach places on the sides of the body and waist, as well as little spots along the inner thighs in some situations.

The CoolSmooth PROTM applicator is a flat cooling panel that is meant to treat any area that is difficult or impossible to suction, such as the outer thighs.

What Should I Expect During CoolSculpting® Treatment?

CoolSculpting® normally takes less than an hour per treatment region, and many patients can have the procedure done during their lunch break and return to their daily routine immediately thereafter. CoolSculpting® treatments are frequently completed in half the time when using CoolAdvantageTM applicators. Dr. LoVerme can tell you how long your sessions will take before you start treatment depending on the custom CoolSculpting® plan he created for you.

Some patients may feel a minor pulling, tugging, or pinching sensation around the treatment areas throughout the operation. Mild numbness, tingling, or redness in the treated areas may occur after the operation. Any negative effects usually go away quickly, and many individuals have no major side effects at all. Patients have said that the CoolSculpting® process is so relaxing that they fall asleep during it. If you’re concerned about discomfort during treatment, CoolSculpting® with CoolAdvantageTM applicators may be a better option. These applicators have been clinically proved to provide a more comfortable experience. Because CoolSculpting® isn’t a surgical procedure; there isn’t usually any downtime after treatment.

What are the CoolSculpting® Results?

The full effects of CoolSculpting® are usually visible two to four months after the operation. To get maximum fat reduction and excellent results, many treatments may be required. If you’re thinking about CoolSculpting® and want to see some samples of the outcomes that can be achieved, have a look at our photo gallery. Many CoolSculpting before-and-after images of Dr. LoVerme’s male and female patients can be found there.

What is the price of CoolSculpting®?

The overall cost varies from patient to patient since each CoolSculpting® treatment plan is tailored to the individual. Several factors influence the total cost of CoolSculpting®:

The applicators that are being used are as follows:

The recommended number of sessions to attain the desired resultsDr. LoVerme can offer you with an estimate of how much it will cost to achieve your cosmetic objectives with CoolSculpting® during a one-on-one appointment. We offer plastic surgery financing via a third-party company called CareCredit® to assist make treatment more accessible. CareCredit® offers low-interest loans and monthly payment options on elective health procedures to qualified customers. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards as well.

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