Creative Financing Strategies for Low Mortgage Rates and Real Estate Investing

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Creative Financing Strategies for Low Mortgage Rates and Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate is everyone’s dream. Rising interest rates and a nationwide housing shortage are stumbling blocks for investors. Whether you are looking to buy a single property for your home or are interested in investing in multiple properties, financing can be a hard nut to crack. When interest rates on loans are steep, it is important to know the different options available.  

Today’s best financial instruments are not only changing the way we invest in real estate, but they are also making it possible for people to invest and obtain real estate financing when traditional loans would otherwise be unavailable. If you are looking to get into real estate but your credit is not perfect, or you can’t get approved by a traditional lender, creative financing is worth exploring. Let us check out some options below:

Seller Financing

It is a way of financing a property between the buyer and the seller. The seller finances the loan to the buyer and becomes his money lender. This allows buyers to get better interest rates compared to banks. 

You can use seller financing to buy single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, and small apartment buildings, depending on your experience level as an investor.

Seller financing however does have its drawbacks. The seller usually requires a larger percentage of the purchase price as a down payment than they would from a conventional mortgage lender. For example, if you wanted to buy a $50,000 home with seller financing, you might need to come up with $25,000 in cash and provide an additional $25,000 in collateral for the loan. You would also have to pay interest on that amount until you paid off the debt. 

To know more about this type of funding, you can contact any property investing consulting companies or hire a property consultant. 

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Joint Venture Financing

Joint venture financing is a form of private equity lending. It’s an agreement between two people or companies where one agrees to provide the capital and the other agrees to use it as they see fit. 

The most typical way for this to happen is when two or more investors pool their resources to buy property. One investor contributes the money for half of the purchase price in this instance, and the other investor contributes the other half. The investor with more capital subsequently assumes greater risk but also receives a larger portion of any rental or sales revenue.

There are some property investment consulting blogs and videos which can give you a better idea about joint venture financing and the list of ventures that have been successful. Study them carefully before you zero-in the options. 

Wrap-Around Mortgages

 A wrap-around mortgage is a second mortgage that “wraps around” an existing first mortgage. This type of loan can be used to buy a new home and pay off the old one, or it can be used to refinance an existing home loan. They may also help borrowers get lower interest rates by lowering their debt-to-income ratio.

In a wrap-around mortgage, one party makes two loans: one to the borrower and another to a third party (often the seller). The borrower uses the proceeds from both loans to buy or refinance the property. When the borrower pays off both loans, he or she owns 100 percent of the property.

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Lease-Option to Buy

This is one of the most popular creative financing strategies used today by investors. It involves leasing a property from an owner and having an option at the end of the lease term to purchase the property at a predetermined price and terms agreed upon at the time of signing the lease agreement. 

It is always best to use this strategy if you are unsure about whether you want to buy the property. Lease options can also be used when there are multiple buyers interested in purchasing a piece of real estate. This allows for multiple bids and raises the price of the property.


We have listed some of the excellent financing options, whether you want to invest in the real estate market or improve your home. Given the rising cost of real estate, it is vital to start thinking of innovative ways to enter this market and maximise your investment. Your ability to negotiate lower mortgage rates and increase your leverage as a real estate investor depends on how you use innovative financing techniques to your advantage.