Don’t hesitate, the best silicone brush maker is here!

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Don't hesitate, the best silicone brush maker is here!

Did you know that the baby must clean its mouth from birth?

Baby teeth usually start to erupt, usually from 6 months of age, however, it is important to start taking care of the baby’s mouth soon after birth, in order to avoid bottle decay, which is very common when the baby is born is artificially breastfed through the use of a bottle and then goes to sleep without washing the mouth, or even when parents sweeten the baby’s pacifier before bed, which is inconceivable.

The recommendation is to start with an oral stimulus to create a habit in the baby of passing gauze with filtered or boiled water inside the mouth and throughout the mucosal region, at least twice a week. In addition to removing the remains of milk, this practice also prevents stomatitis, which can cause sores in the child’s mouth and throat.

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What is the best baby toothbrush?

It is very important that oral hygiene is guided by a pediatric dentist. In general, it is ideal to start brushing your teeth, at least when you wake up and before bed, until the age of 2 years. After that, you can start brushing at other times of the day, but always looking to use the correct baby toothbrush.

Check out some care that should be taken when choosing a baby toothbrush and toothpaste in the first years of life:


As stated earlier, you should not use a toothbrush for a newborn baby. Cleaning done with the use of a gauze or diaper moistened with clean water is much more for the baby to get used to the routine and habit of cleaning the mouth than properly removing milk residues.

From 3 months to 1 year of age:

The first toothbrush for a baby aged 1 year or less, in fact, should be a kind of silicone teether with a small rubber brush on the tip or a baby finger toothbrush, popularly known as a finger, which makes it possible to cleaning milk teeth in a natural way.

From tooth eruption to 6 years of age:

Along with teething brushes, children’s toothbrushes are indicated for soon after the eruption of the first baby teeth until the beginning of the appearance of the permanent ones, and you can search for silicone manufacturers, they have the best brushes

These brushes have specific characteristics such as the presence of a small head, which helps to infiltrate the child’s mouth, and a soft textured handle, which facilitates adaptation to the hand. Those responsible should always assist and check brushing.

At this time, parents can also start using baby toothpaste without fluoride or with a low concentration of fluoride, but in a very small amount, this amount of toothpaste used should be minimal, the size of a grain of rice, to thus avoiding any damage to the little one’s tooth.

Remember that the baby silicone toothbrush should be changed every 3 to 4 months, if they wear out before that period they must be changed before, in addition, silicone is the main indication, as manufacturers have liquid silicone for molds, which can be customized for every need.

Know that the wrong toothbrush can cause problems!

It is not by chance that the recommendation of pediatric dentistry is for soft baby toothbrushes, since what really cleans the teeth is the correct movement at the time of brushing and not the hardness of the bristles.

Rough movements with sturdy bristles can cause tooth enamel to wear down and retract gums. With the root of the teeth and nerve endings more exposed, babies are susceptible to developing tooth sensitivity, which will cause pain when consuming hot or cold foods.

Also, the small head on the silicone baby toothbrush is critical for accessing the toughest places in the mouth, which won’t make it difficult to clean back teeth.

After choosing and knowing the best silicone toothbrush for your baby, it’s time to brush your child’s teeth. During this contact with your child’s brushing, especially from the birth of the first teeth, you will be able to notice any anomaly regarding their dentition, thus taking them to the pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

It is recommended that your baby has contact with pediatric dentistry from birth, in order to discover these supposed pathologies or problems with oral health from the beginning of his life, which will facilitate his treatment.

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