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Living rooms are usually the first area most guests see when they enter your home. As the central hub for entertainment and relaxation, the multifunctional space has to contain furniture to accommodate both needs.

Certain pieces are essential to your living room design, and the centerpiece is the sofa. All other furniture in the room will center around the main seating, so it’s a great place to begin shopping for a new set. 

Choosing the right sofa is finding one with the functionality and style you’re looking to have in the home. Large families may want to consider a wrap-around sectional. Smaller households may opt for a single sofa and an oversized matching chair. If your family size falls somewhere between small and large, then a sofa and loveseat may be just enough. 

If storage is a concern, then be sure to choose a sofa that helps with that element. Hidden storage compartments in sofas can store magazines and tools used for hobbies, keeping the space neat and organized. Sleeper sofas provide a spot for guests to spend the night, even if your space is limited. 

Do you have anyone in the home who needs help getting in and out of seating? Consider getting them a power recliner and lift chair for the living room. Not only will they be able to sit back in comfort, but the chair can also lift them into a standing position to allow for easier movement. They’ll have a bit of independence restored since they won’t have to rely on anyone for help. 

Adjustable lumbar support is available for anyone who has lower back pains. The adjustable neck support is another feature many sets have to assist with pain and pain prevention. If your household members are on the taller side when it comes to height, living room seating with high backs will ensure they can unwind on the sofa with no difficulty. Find furniture that doesn’t just look good but has a purpose, and that purpose is to meet the needs of everyone in the home. 

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Also, keep durability in mind when shopping. You want a piece that’s fashionable but sturdy so that it lasts your family for years. What materials would fit your household best? Leathers and microfibers are easy to clean and maintain. If you host parties, this is perfect for those guests who may be a bit accident-prone. You can have fun get-togethers without worrying if guests will ruin your furniture afterward.

Leather and microfiber also are great textures for young children and pets. Pet hair will be simple to spot and clean up, and pet dander won’t sink into the seating. You can wipe any spill made by smaller children away with a cloth, and it won’t stain the sofa. There are leather-like materials on the market if you don’t want to purchase 100% leather for your home. You can enjoy the same benefits a leather set offers, often at a fraction of the price. 

After figuring out what material best suits your household’s lifestyle, it’s time to consider a style. It’s a piece you will have for years, so remember to purchase something you won’t come to regret in a year or two. Trendy styles are just that, trends that will come and go quickly, so while you may be in love with it today, think about how you’ll feel in five years. How will your household look in five years? The average lifespan of a living room set is ten years, so choose a set whose style will still make you smile in that amount of time. 

Next, it’s time to assess the room and decide which other pieces you want to add to the space. Take measurements and layout a floorplan to determine furniture placement. Coffee, end, and sofa tables all provide more surface space to the design. That space can display decorative items, hold lamps, and provide a place for remotes. If you wear reading glasses while taking in your latest book, you can use the additional surface space to put them down safely when you move on to another activity. 

The living room tables can have storage compartments also to keep objects tucked away, maintaining the room’s tidy appearance. Whether it’s an open design or one with drawers and doors, choose the table set that’s best for your living requirements.

Add your personal touch to the living room with your accessory choices. Rugs add a cozy and inviting mood to the space. Find one with colors and patterns or prints that bring together different colors in the design. It will really give the space the cohesiveness and grounding you want in a living room. 

Throw pillows and blankets, bring the sofa to life and instantly inject the room with warmth. You can snuggle with your loved ones under the blankets or let the kids build a fort. Brightly colored pillows can spice up a neutral sofa and add character to the living room with a contrasting texture. Try a plush, fuzzy set of pillows with a leather living room set. Mix and match swatches to find textures that complement each other. 

Now, this may all sound great, but you may want to know where you can find everything you need at an affordable price. Then 1StopBedrooms is your living room furniture sets for sale source. Here, you’ll find discounts of up to 75% off of brand-name manufacturers. Furniture from Ashley, Coaster, A.R.T., and more are marked down and available with free in-home delivery.

Take advantage of the twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six-month financing options and begin enjoying your furniture as you make small monthly payments. The low-cost, price-match guarantee means they will adjust your order if you find the same set sold with a competitor for less.

Visit the site today and have a non-commissioned design specialist help you with any concerns or questions you have about the furniture. There’s no fee for this service, so why wait? 

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