Employee Onboarding: 4 Ways to Use Employee Onboarding Software

Juliet D'cruz

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Have you hired a new employee and are looking to onboard them onto their new team as quickly as possible? It’s not an easy feat considering that many workplace onboarding programs fall short of their expectation and make the new employee feel as if they haven’t learned anything about their new organization at all! Visit here to get more information about Swag Bar.

But there’s hope. Emphasize the importance of onboarding in the workplace by using employee onboarding software to do the job. If you have lots of employees being onboarded in quick succession, this is a necessary tool in your HR kit. Keep reading to find out new ways to improve your new employee onboarding process. 

  1. Get Them Started as Soon as They Are Hired by Pre-onboarding Them

The problem with traditional onboarding is that it only starts when the new employee enters the workplace physically. BUT with modern technology, it’s possible to start onboarding an employee as soon as they are hired. You can send them documents to sign with e-signature capability, read important documents, and more!

  1. Send an Onboarding Checklist to Everyone Involved

With a great employee onboarding program, you would be able to send onboarding checklists to all the stakeholders. This means any supervisors or managers, any subordinates, all your HR team, and the new employee as well. No one needs to be left out of the loop. 

Everyone should know exactly where the new employee stands, and what they are up to in their onboarding process. This kind of clarity is what gets workplace onboarding over to the next level.

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  1. Integrate Your Remote Workers Easily with Employee Onboarding Software

Considering that remote workers are becoming a ubiquitous and increasing part of the modern workforce, onboarding remote employees is a key part of workplace onboarding. With employee onboarding software, there’s nothing to worry about.

You can send them login details to the software and the software will guide them through the entire self-onboarding process. You can rest assured that new remote workers can feel part of the team even easier with these software dictums. 

  1. Send Reminders in Case They Miss Something or Skip Something Important

Did your new employee miss the new employee soft skills training? Or perhaps they didn’t manage to finish reading the entire document in time? Reminders get ingrained into the onboarding software so that if your new employee or any of the stakeholders miss anything, they get reminded of it repeatedly until they catch up. There are no more excuses in this bright new world.

Onboarding In the Workplace Starts with Great Employee Onboarding Software

If you were wondering what’s missing from your new employee onboarding process, now you know. Employee onboarding software can relieve the pressure off you and your team, so you can focus on building new strategies. Let AI take care of the mundane HR tasks, so your team can focus on the bigger picture. 

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