Essential Basic Obedience Commands For K9 Training

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Essential Basic Obedience Commands for K9 Training

Essential Basic Obedience Commands For K9 Training

About 94% of dog owners do some dog training at home, but K9 training is quite different from basic dog training. The goal of K9 training is to prepare a dog for police work. It’s important to understand the difference between those two activities so you can decide what type of training would be best for your pup.

If you want to train a police dog, keep reading for some common commands you’ll need to know.


Sit is one of the most useful commands you can use in public places. It gives you control over your dog when they bark or jump on people. Police dogs have to sit still for long periods, so it’s a great beginner lesson for your canine.

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The heel command is used to keep your dog at your side. Police dogs are taught to heel as part of their K9 training so they can follow the officer during an investigation. Patrol dogs need to stay close enough to their handler so that they can defend him or her when something goes wrong.

K9 training for dogs will help your dog learn the heel command faster than they would at home. The key is to practice the command every day so that it becomes an ingrained habit for both of you.


You can use the stay command to keep your dog from running away during searches and missions. Always use this command in conjunction with another order.

Let’s say you want your dog to stay and wait until you say “OK” to move again. You can say “stay” when they enter their spot, then give them a treat if they’re obedient. Then you can say “OK,” and encourage the pup to move by rewarding them.


The come command gets your dog’s attention, brings them back to you if they’ve strayed, and stops them from doing something they shouldn’t. It’s a fundamental lesson in most puppy training classes.

When teaching this command, make sure you’re giving the order with a cheerful tone. If your dog understands what “come” means but doesn’t want to do it because they’re afraid, try changing the tone of your voice until they respond positively. Then reward your dog with treats or affection.

Watch Me

If you want your dog’s attention while walking around the neighborhood, point at them and say “watch me.” As they look up at you, say “good boy” or another phrase that gives praise and reinforcement.

Saying “watch me” is also useful when you want to teach your dog new tricks and behaviors. If you want your dog to sit before meals, say “watch me” as you sit down in front of them. As soon as they look up at you and see the behavior, reward them with a goody.

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Practice K9 Training at Home

These five dog commands will help make your canine companion more obedient. They’re all essential to training your dog, so make sure you practice them often. With the right training, you can have a well-behaved pup in no time.

K9 training usually requires the help of a professional. So don’t be afraid to reach out to one so they can give your dog the best training possible.

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