Essentials of Essay Writing

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Papers should be typed in 12 pt. font and double-spaced, with page numbers, and proofread thoroughly.


“The finale blew my mind” and “Her fantastic sense of humorâ?” are examples of colloquial language that should be avoided. Be careful not to use passive constructions like “irony can be noticed inâ?” or “a clear freedom was proven inâ?,” which give the impression of formality and pomposity in writing. This is a sarcastic remark about her brother’s sainthood, and the apparently random connection of images indicates a sense of liberation. If you are searching for “proofread my essay”, please visit our website.


The author’s entire name and the full title of the work should be included at the beginning of your essay. Underlining or using italics for book titles is recommended. A “quotation mark” is used to denote a story, essay, or poem’s title. A book, short story or essay is referred to as a “poem” or “essay” depending on the kind of work it is. The author’s last name should be used in all future references to him or her. If the title is really lengthy and you often refer to it, you may use an abbreviated version to refer to it. “Banana Fish,” for example, may be shortened to “Banana Fish.”


Do not begin by citing the assignment sheet or identifying the subject of your paper. Despite the assignment sheet, your essay should stand on its own merits. Do not begin with broad statements like “In every human being there are unique thoughts and sensations that no other individual has ever experienced.” If you’re looking for colour symbolism, you’ll find it in all of literature’s greatest works. As public enemy number one, a hazy thesis, these “from the beginning of time” claims are a sign of a lack of concentration. As a general rule, your thesis should be stated in the first or second paragraphs of your paper so that the reader has a clear understanding of what you want to discuss. We can provide you proofreading online, please visit our website.

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“Faulkner’s use of symbolism, narrative, word choice, and characterisation make this a compelling work.” Don’t judge the quality of the writing; instead, study and understand the text. Unlike a review, when assessment is acceptable, you’re writing critique (which isn’t always critical but analytic) instead. Avoid using phrases like “I likedâ?” or “I was a little perplexed byâ?” in your posts. Don’t talk about your own investigative procedure. As an alternative to writing, you might choose to speak “There was no beginning, middle, or finish in â?? Instead of writing “The Mark On The Wall,'” you may write, “The Mark On The Wall dispenses with the typical beginning-climax-end tale structure.””

It is imperative that you avoid reading the storyline synopsis at all costs!!

Rehashing a novel’s storyline is a temptation that is difficult to resist. Nonetheless, remember that your audience is presumed to be acquainted with the content in academic writing. Make sure you’re making a point, and not just summarising the events of the storey.

Evidence. Evidence. Evidence.

“The first memoir looks aimless and meandering, but the second one has a clear framework” is excellent to illustrate a point. It’s also important to back up your claims with evidence. Go ahead and continue, “Although Woolf’s mother is mentioned in various places, she often repeats or contradicts her own earlier assertions. Woolf mentions her mother’s name twice throughout the novel.”

Determine the meaning of the passage by reading it aloud.

Don’t make conclusions about the speaker’s gender based on the speaker’s lack of sensitivity, for example. Alternatively, you may state, “The speaker seems to be male since swearing and reporting on World War I were more likely the domain of males in the early 20 th century.” It’s more realistic to say, “The author is writing about Americans who are glad of their freedom,” rather than something like, “The author displays the pride Americans have in their freedom.”

The content of the paper should be based on your critical analysis of the text.

Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive explanation or definition for any of the following aspects of style or their meanings. In other cases, some of these may not be applicable at all. After considering these parts, you should be able to form judgments about the overall relevance of the text as you perceive it.

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