Five Must-Have Accessories for Men

Juliet D'cruz

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The evolution of man can be seen in every ramification of his life. From generation to generation, century by century, one can see clearly that earnest desire in man to be better in all that makes up his existence. For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on the ‘fashion aspect’. Would you like to cast your mind back to when ‘animal skin’ was ‘in vogue’?  That’s a story for another day, but if civilization was personified, he/she definitely deserves more than the Oscars. Fast track to the 21st century, fashion has gone almost larger than life itself! As a man lucky to be existing in this generation, you definitely have got no excuse not to look good and be as stylish as you can. This is because sometimes, basically does the job best. 

On the flip side, fashion is not static. What seems to be ‘in vogue’ today may no longer fit into the ‘trendy world’ tomorrow. However, this article puts together basic fashion accessories that are a ‘must-have’ for men and are believed to be able to stand the test of time in the world of fashion, even in years to come. Before we dive right in, here’s a bit of information to refresh your memory about accessories.

The World of Accessories 

Accessories are basically other things you carry around or wear asides from your clothes. They are supposed to enhance the effect your clothes have at whatever time or event. Simply put, they are meant to complement whatever fabric you are putting on, regardless of style, context, or trend. Just before you find out the ones you shouldn’t do without as a man, here’s a list of some basic accessories in fashion for men:

  1. Watches.
  2. Rings
  3. Wallets
  4. Socks/Stockings
  5. Hats/Caps
  6. Earrings/Studs
  7. Belts
  8. Eyeglasses/Sunglasses
  9. Handbags
  10. Handkerchiefs/Pocket Squares

The above-named accessories are just to mention but a few out of the numerous categories that exist to aid your fashion sense as a man, but below are the 5 basic ones you shouldn’t do without.

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A belt is what you wear around your waist. It helps to hold in place your trousers, shorts, or whatever fabric you are putting on at a particular time. Asides from this, belts are a key accessory to compliment your outfit either casual or not to give you a presentable look. They come in different styles, shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your preference at any point in time.


 A good watch is another essential accessory you need at all times as a man. As basic and affordable this accessory can be, it is advisable you do not settle for less just for the sake of ‘using one’. It is also important that you go for one as stylish as possible to give a good balance to your outfit. Apart from being a necessary time-keeping tool, the watch your wear speaks so much about your personality and fashion taste.

Socks and Stockings

This category of accessories is known to be used for support, to look attractive as well as comfortable. They are usually very colorful, hence, important accessories to add beauty to your outfit. Much more importantly, they are needed to protect your feet from blisters and discomfort in your footwear, especially on days when you have to wear them for a lengthy period of time. 


When it comes to ‘must-have’ accessories, you definitely don’t want to sleep on this group. You need cufflinks to hold together the cuffs of your shirts and fasten the buttonholes on each end of your shirt cuffs. Pins are supposed to help hold folds of fabric together. Apart from the fact that they come in handy on days of ‘fashion emergencies’, they serve as decorative accessories when adorned with ornaments. Trust them to make you ‘exquisite’ on days of dinners and special functions.


Eyeglasses are known as the most common accessories and are also highly essential. Other than its functional use to aid eye vision, it also adorns the face. Owners of fashion stores sell fashionable frames that allow you to make very nice stylish statements. You should also carry sunglasses at all times. Not only because it’s protective eyewear against ultraviolet rays, but because it is the ‘go-to-guy’ accessory when you need to put on that ‘hot and dashing’ look.

Though accessories are essentials in every man’s dressing, topping the chart is your smile. No matter what type of accessory you put on to make a good appearance, you are never fully dressed without it! If you’re not into accessories and don’t fancy getting dressed. 

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