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Fastag is great support at the time of travel a long trip and is based on the national electronic toll collection. It was started by the NPCI below the guideline for NHAi and IHMCL to facilitate effortless toll payment. This respective bank issues a small rectangular tag of size 10×5 cm below these programs for automatic toll collection at all toll plazas. It is one cashless payment method that you can travel around 407 toll plaza in various countries.

 What is ICIC ban Fastag and how its performance?

 It is too small and rectangular in size of 10×5 cm and it let to deduction of tool cost at toll plazas. . This device is made with help of the high-grade paper and it holds chip along with the antenna insider the chip layer. It makes use of the radio frequency identification for major processes and it can directly connect to a prepaid account from which the toll amount is taken which is described in financesjungle.

 With help of the tag affixed to a vehicle that can pass via this toll without stopping and waiting in the long queue to put enter the car to make the payment. Once it is the activation of the tag account, the tag is attached to the windscreen of the car and another vehicle. If you drove towards the toll plaza using the dedicated Fastag lanes which read the information about the vehicle and deduct the applicable toll fee. Once you activated, the ICIC fastag , then you never stop the toll plazas, and once the tag is activated and it has affixed the vehicle. It devises in the various toll station which has the fast tag lane and it recharged as per the need of persons using the ICIC credit card or debit card, NEFT, UPI, and other net banking. The ICIC bank also gives the user to obtain the tag customer portal where they can access their account anytime and anywhere.

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 Step to purchase from ICIC bank?

 Here the both customer and noncustomer of ICIC bank will buy the ICIC fastag in a risk-free way. The person can either apply for a fastag online using the ICICI bank site and fill out the form which needs a FASTag.

 The process to apply for Fastag via ICICI bank portal over online

 Step 1: GO to the website of fastag

 Step 2: now you have to click to apply and displayed it on the home page

 Step3: Then you have to enter the various details and fill the application form

 Step4: now the customer has to upload all need to document

 Step 5: you have to add the address details and submit the vehicle details on the next page

 Step 6: you must confirm the application

Step 7: on the successful application, then fasting sent to the respective address.

 On following the above detail, you are suggested to register and activate without meeting any trouble of it.

 Document required for ICIC Fastag application:

 When you come to apply for the ICIC bank fast, you must need to below the mentioned document

  • Certificated of vehicle registration
  • Passport size photo
  • KYC document such PAN card, diving License

It should be noted above the document which must have names of car or another vehicle owner. Once you submit the above document and it must be verified and used with more comfort.

 What are the common benefits of ICIC fastag?

 ICIC Fastag has multiple features and other benefits which are mentioned below

 Save the fuel and precious time: 

FASTag lets to deduction automatically of all tool charges from the toll plaza. Therefore you need not stop the vehicle and save fuel and your valuable time.

 SMS alerts:

 User can have SMS alerts after each transaction to the regressed mobile number from the ICIC account over the registered mobile number

 Easy online recharge:

 ICIC bank Fastag get recharged with help of the debit card, credit card, or net banking

 Cashless payment option:

 You need not carry cash at all time during the passing via the toll plaza payment rather that it can take amount direct from the registered account

Access to the web portal:

 ICIC fast user is given access to the web portal designed to ensure the account statement.

 How to recharge FASTag issues by ICIC bank?

 It is quite easy to recharge the ICIC bank FASTag as a lit of options including the credit card, debit card, and internet banking, UPI.

 Recharge Using ICIC internet banking:

 On using the recharge the fastag using the ICIC net banking is the best and easy way to add the money in the tag and you have to follow the recharge steps which are declared below.

 Step 1: the user must log in to the ICIC net banking

 Step 2: you have to recharge the account CUG wallet

 Step 3. You must enter the amount which you need.

 Step 4: you must click over the payment mode as internet banking

 Step 5: you have to select the make payment

 By following this method, you simply recharge and get first-class ideas at all times. Then you can use the fastag to travel without waiting in the toll plaza.

 Recharge using UPI:

 Once you logging into the account via using the valid user Id Passwords on the fastag portal. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps for recharge via the UPI

 Step 1: you have to click on recharge to the account t

 Step 2: you have to choose the UPI

 Step 3: you have to add the amount to recharge and start to proceed

 Step4: enter the payer VPA in the virtual payment address field

 Step 5: you have to click on the make payment option

 Step 6: The voucher must be generated asking to log in to the UPI software.

 Step 7: the payer VPS is mapped and after great payment, the payment status and checked finely.


 Ongoing with the above information, you are suggested to check out the all fastag details and travel to the next location with no trouble of it.

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