Here’s what makes the Choppy Bob hairstyles so trendy

Juliet D'cruz

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Choppy Long Bob Hairstyles for Brunettes

Most girls are cowed by sassy bobs because they are too scared to part. After the short hairstyle, a long choppy bob is ideal for those who are yearning but may not be ready to fully commit. These hairstyles can be as feminine as they are daring, and we have pictures to prove it. Plus, get ready to turn green with envy, from a dark brunette to bright blonde and everything in between with this lady’s salon-quality colors.

Fresh and Long Choppy Bob Ideas for Your Next Makeover

You need a bolder and messier hair makeover, but you don’t want the short bob hairstyles of the past. We are having it. Fortunately, these are modified and trendy choppy long bobs. For a fun look, they slip over the shoulders and still have the freedom to create the hairstyle according to your personal preferences. Think about how much effort you want to put into creating the final look when scrolling through the images. Easily create a beach texture with a little sea salt throughout with hairspray or dry shampoo with your fingertips or splurge on a few highlights and let the colors add dimension to your work. Or you can choose a heat machine in minutes and create sexy waves. We hope to find your choice below!

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Classic brunette balayage

It is a new take on the traditional A-shaped bob. The basic texture and stretched bits that frame the face provide a soft edge feel. A beautiful balayage technique brightens up the brunette and adds depth to every angle for an overall look that isn’t too difficult to try.

Shoulder-length bob with choppy layers

This super stylish look reveals the choppy bob hairstyle layer. Imagine running your hands through the straight braids to smooth the hairstyle for fun, effortless volume. The combination of high and low highlights makes this choppy bob hairstyle a home run.

Curled shoulders

Want maximum length, but still long with lobe shoulder length? This long blonde bob has textured waves for a futuristic feel. The fully highlighted and somewhat messy look is ideal for a carefree attitude to short summer beach hair.

Neck bone length is dark

Just a bit of attitude and a hint of scan color on the ends of this choppy bob make it look naturally perfect. No one needs to know that it was carefully planned. It is a hairstyle that stands out for a cool girly feeling that goes down to the collarbone. You can turn an uneven, smooth short bob into an extra rock star by showing off the far side.

Blonde balayage with choppy layers

If you want to rock some serious curls, keep the length extra-long past the collarbone. This polished angled bob has an added wave to add volume in the back and a softer front pulled from a curling wand along with curls. It’s easy to have an ombre or scan technique for lighter ends due to its length as seen here.

Brunette Bob with Blonde Balayage

While most blunt haircuts go straight to the desired edge, frankness is followed by lots of nuances here. The layers take the weight down a bit which makes the overall look so much lighter and more fun than a traditional blunt bob. The applied blonde balayage and dark roots polish the look.

Milky Way A-Line Bob

It’s easier to do daring things with color when you have short hair. Add random chunky highlights for a cheery modern color, two or three shades lighter. These caramel colors are just too luscious to move effortlessly over her dark brown hair. The end result draws attention to your face with a hint of blondes that frame your eyes.

Soft champagne razor cut bob

Bob haircuts work well on fine hair because it is a situation to add texture and weight. In the longer front section, add a soft wave for angled bobs and just a dab of product around it to give the rest of the skin some structure. This textured razor creates lightweight, practical self-styling tips.

Choppy long bob with bangs

Combine two sassy moves in a bang with short hair. A wispy textured bob with soft bangs softens the entire head, but anyone can find the perfect bob and bang combination they want. Keeping the bangs a more natural color brings sensuality and intrigue to the eyes while adding dimension throughout the playful balayage.

Straight Bob with Blonde Balayage Shadow

Can I get a high-order vivid blonde balayage shade on shoulder-length straight hair? In this long textured bob, the perfect blonde blend has no place to hide, showing off the soft layers and shine.

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