How Exactly Do Courier Companies Work?

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Did you know that in the year 2020 there were more than 126 billion parcels shipped across the globe? Courier companies play a massive role in moving parcels all over the world. It is easy to confuse them with postal services, but courier services provide many different functions.

Courier services are popular with people that are running a business. It allows them to access fast and tracked shipping when shipping their products to customers. Online businesses are an especially great fit for working with a courier company near me.

But how do courier services work? What do they do that separates them from postal services? You’ve come to the right place to learn everything you need to know about courier services and the benefits of working with them. Continue reading for more.

They’re processing and handling a massive amount of parcels each day which increases cases of missed deliveries in Houston.

What Do Courier Companies Do?

Running a business that sells products online means that you need the best shipping possible. While using the postal service is also a good option, courier companies do more that helps your business reach the heights of success you desire. They use speed and accuracy to get your products where they need to be when they need to be there.

Here is a closer look at what courier companies do.

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Speed and Efficiency

This isn’t to say that postal services are slow, but courier companies are dedicated to a particular set of customers. Postal services are providing service to hundreds of millions of people across the country. They’re processing and handling a massive amount of parcels each day.

Courier services are coveted because they’re able to operate at a higher level of speed and efficiency than the postal service can. Some courier services even provide same-day shipping. Click to learn more.

If your business requires quick and accurate shipping to both domestic and international customers then you need to consider using the services of a courier company near me. They can even provide specific time deliveries if there is a certain time that your customer wants the products to arrive.

Think of it like this: the postal service gives you a date estimate for when the package will get delivered. The courier service gives you an approximate date and time. The level of logistics and accuracy is higher when choosing to use a courier company.

Fewer Size Restrictions

Another big thing that separates courier companies from the postal service is the slackened weight and size restrictions on packages that you want to send. Postal services have strict restrictions on the size and weight of packages you’re allowed to send with their services.

This is unacceptable if you’re running a business. You need to get your products to particular places in a timely manner, no matter the weight or size of the package you’re sending. The ability to ship larger and heavier packages gives a courier service a massive leg up on their postal service competition.

Real-Time Tracking Services

A great perk that you’ll experience when you choose to use a courier company near me is the real-time tracking services that their company provides. While postal services offer some level of package tracking, it is usually done one step at a time and gives you general information like its previous location and when to expect it to arrive.

A courier company will give you real-time tracking of your package so you’ll always know exactly where it’s at. You’ll always know where your packages are and have a clearer idea of when they’re going to arrive. On top of that, you’re able to call the courier service you’re working with to get immediate status updates on the package.

Courier services have dedicated customer service departments that exist to help customers like you get the peace of mind you want when shipping your packages to customers across the globe. The postal service will only be able to offer you generic information like the departure and arrival times.

Courier services also include international tracking services. You’ll get varying levels of international tracking accuracy depending on which service you choose to use, but it is a much better option than using the postal service.

Professional Packaging

Packaging is something that slips the mind of many business owners, but it says a lot about your company. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of packaging when you ship your products through a courier service.

A good courier service will ensure that your goods are packed in a way that they’ll arrive safely at their destination. They’ll also make sure that the packages meet all of the required specifications in order to arrive at their destination.

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Help With Duties and Tax

If your business conducts a lot of international commerce then courier services provide another great benefit over the postal services. When shipping internationally, you’re going to encounter duties and taxes on the goods you’re shipping. This gets confusing really quickly, but a good courier service will help you through it.

The issue with postal services is that when you ship internationally the recipient of the package is hit with the fees and duties. These are costs associated with the shipping. This makes the process disruptive and keeps things from running smoothly.

Most courier services provide a service called Deliver Duty Paid. This makes the shipment process a breeze for you as well as the recipient of your packages. It means that the courier service takes care of any duties that need to be paid so that the package isn’t held up.

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Start Using Courier Companies Today

Courier companies are a valuable asset to have at your disposal if you’re running a business that ships products overseas. It is more efficient and fast than a postal service because it doesn’t handle the same volume of parcels every day. It is also better for packaging purposes because your goods will be packaged in a way to guarantee that they arrive safely.

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