How often should you clean dryer vents? 

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At least once a year, you should clean your dryer vents. That’s the quickest and practical answer. There are over 66 million residences in the USA alone that own electric dryers, and 20 million use gas-generated dryers. 

So, in total, there are around 80 million who need dryer vent maintenance and cleaning. With this many stats on vent systems, it is only why the US fire Department lists the vent of the dryer as the primary source of fire accidents. And everyone should heed the warning. 

Dryer Vents Maintenance Requirements

Imagine tons of laundry weekly. How can you dry so many loads of newly washed clothes without the dryers? Due to this fact, dryers and vents must get regular maintenance. But how often should you clean dryer vents?

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning: Once A Year

Do not worry about the fee. You must pay professional dryer cleaners. You will need their service at least once, which costs you $100 to $500 utmost.

The range varies depending on the part of the dryer system that needs repair or cleaning. 

Cleaning a small air duct where the air flows out will cost around $90 to $150. 

Vent systems are usually attached underground or located on the first floors like the basement of the home. It will need professional vent cleaning San Diego only once. At least it has it maintained before the fall seasons. Maintenance for this part usually has a national average cost of $ 145.

Regular DIY Dryer Cleaning

Aside from the professional dryer cleaning, an appliance owner must also perform regular, continuous maintenance. Although this step sounds routinary and often gets undermined, routine cleaning saves the appliances from major flaws. It also helps prolong the dryer machines’ shelf life.

Here are practical steps you can do to clean the dryer and dryer vents yourself.

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Maintenance of the Dryer Exterior

The body of the dryer, its enclosure, cover, and clothes drum are obvious parts of the dryer. These are easy to clean with just using a damp cloth and vacuum.

It helps remove loose threads, hairs, lint and dust, and debris that looms around the machine. When these objects are left unattended, they may enter the core and the ductworks of the vent, and major repairs may be necessary for the future, not just once but twice.

  • Unplug the dryer before cleaning.
  • Wipe the machine every after use
  • Vacuum the entire dryer walls and tubes found outside the machine
  • Wipe the covers and the clothes drum

Maintenance of the Dryer Interior

The part which mainly needs attention inside the dryer system is the vents and air ducts. These are parts that bring fire hazards. Usually, the cause of malfunctions and sudden sparks is overheating.

Next, when an overheating appliance happens, the machine may generate too much heat and electricity, causing it to explode, spark, and cause a fire.  

Using specialized tools, such as vacuum cleaners for dryers, are often used by professional cleaners. A regular appliance owner may not necessarily have these tools accessible. 

But when you have a simple vacuum that you can use to blow off the clog and dust immediately, that is obvious when you remove the cover when you may clean it at least once a month. You may include this on your general cleaning schedule.

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