How To Become Mentally Strong In 2021 ( Best 8 Ways)

Juliet D'cruz

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How To Become Mentally Strong?

This pandemic has shown us how vulnerable we are or we can become. When we are stuck at one place for too long we know our mental health is getting affected. We try to connect people over chats or virtual calls but we don’t get enough of it to help ourselves with our mental health. We try listening to the advice and suggestions that our friends pass on to us but nothing seems to be working out. During this time, we need to take extra care of ourselves. In this article we have brought about things you can do to not only feel better but also that will exercise you to be mentally strong.

#Listening to Chantings

Listening to music has been important to keep yourself sane and light hearted but there’s something better than this you can do. Listening to mantras and chanting will help you to remove negative energy also will calm you down. You might like your latest bollywood songs 2021 which does no harm in listening but if you want to be at peace as well make your mental power strong then you should give it a try.

#Clean Your Room

Decluttering has always helped in two ways. One, you get rid of negative energy and that comes from cluttering and second you get away from all piled up things and dust. This diverts your mind from stress and tension and trains your mind to focus on better things.

#Say Affirmations

Training your brain to think of good stuff is more important than practicing being positive. Reading positive affirmations, helps your brain to think thoughts aligned with your affirmations. You can pen down your positive affirmations and read them aloud after waking up or before going to bed. This will help you to condition your subconscious mind to think and believe the affirmations as truth and it will help you to be mentally strong.

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#Write good stuffs

You can keep it in a jar, a journal, a shoe box, or wherever you want, but write down something great about each day. This helps create gratitude in your life.

At the end of the year, you’ll be able to sit down and look back at the positive things you’ve experienced and accomplished, instead of only the challenges or rough patches which made you want to give up.

#Write positive side of every challenge you face

Life is a lot about perspective. Change your perspective and you can change your life.

Instead of griping and being angry or disappointed (indulging in negative self-talk) concerning any challenges which may come up, build up your positive mental strength by writing down positive aspects and things you could be learning from the challenges. Try your best to find something to be grateful about every day.

#Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is tied in with being present. To get settled with being happy, working on being mindfully happy. Take an occasion or second or memory when you are feeling better, and let yourself enjoy the inclination. Take a gander at how it feels in your body, how your considerations change, how your body changes, and what it seems like; check whether there are any tones which it might feel like. Invest some energy with your cheerful mind-set. Toward its finish, notice the sensation of bliss and happiness, it comes from you, and it suddenly shows up when you are in mindfulness at the moment.

#Practice saying No

When you learn to say No you do a favour on yourself. Yes, It is one of the tough jobs to do. Saying no makes us feel that we are a bad person that’s why we turn down, but know that if you don’t draw a line then very soon you will be depleted. You will lose more than giving if you don’t stand for yourself. Remember we are our own best friend and no one will come and rescue us in our situation where we need to say No. Start with small steps but learn to say no.

#Do an Activity Everyday that Makes You Happy

This is a great form of self-care. See if you can’t find a hobby or activity which you enjoy just because it makes you feel better.

As you become more confident and competent at it, you’ll discover how confidence and self-belief will pool over into other areas of your life. The positive talk you use and the joy you find in your hobby will help make you mentally stronger as you tackle the harder aspects of your chosen goal.

In life the ultimate choice we have for ourselves is being strong mentally because emotions can take us to wrong roads at times. We need to be very careful while navigating our life. Most of the times you must have observed that being mentally strong is the only option in a particular situation and hence, it is important to practice being mentally strong as you may not know when you need to exercise this power.

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