How To Easily Do Check BSNL Balance?

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Most of the time you call someone or use the internet one thing that makes you worry is whether you have sufficient balance. If you are a BSNL SIM user then you need to know the bsnl balance check to limit your call and data usage. You are all set to easily check it by dialling the USSD codes. You know once you have entered that code and press enter then you will get BSNL data, talk time, SMS balance, or any other service activated on your mobile number in a minute. So, you will come to know several details. In case, if you need a quick update on the BSNL balance then you can avail app as well. 

How to check the BSNL balance inquiry?

In the below points the various methods bsnl balance check been mentioned. Choose anything according to your requirements,

USSD balance check:

If you want to check the balance by dialling USSD then you want to dial *123# from your BSNL mobile. In case if you have a dual SIM then you want to dial the number by switching to that SIM. The moment you have dialled the USSD then a message will come on the screen then you are all set to check the balance with no doubt. At the same time, you will be able to easily check data balance by dialling *112# this will show you options from 1 to 6 from that pick anything. 

Check balance via the app:

You are all set to download and install the app available for BSNL to check the balance from TechieBlast. The reason why you want to use the app is that you will be allowed to do check any balance and then other details within some clicks. So, if you want to do a quick as well as accurate balance check then you must download the BSNL app. Android users get the app from Google Play Store and iPhone users get it in App Store.

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Check balance via call:

You can also easily get the balance of the BSNL SIM by dialling the toll-free number that is 1503 or 1800-180-1503 from your BSNL number. This call doesn’t cost anything since it is a toll-free number so you are all set to easily check BSNL net balance, voice call balance, SMS balance, and so on.

How to do check data balance in BSNL?

If you are the 4G BSNL SIM user then you will be able to get the data balance by means of dialling *124#. On the other hand, for the 2G or 3G user then you want to dial *123*6# or *123*10#. There is an alternative number available that is *112#. If you are required to know the night GPRS then you are required to dial *123*8#. 

In case if you haven’t allowed access to the message then you need to do that first so then you will receive a message on your mobile phone. You can also easily do check the balance by typing “BAL” and send it to 121. 

In short, once you have dialled the USSD code then you will be able to see options to check some other balance as well. Thus, all you want to do is simply dialling the USSD codes, and then you can also install the app to know that as well. 

Why check balance?

You must always keep on track the balance and data balance so then you can restrict the usage. In case, if you have used the whole balance then you will end up with 0 balances very soon to avoid this you ought to check the balance more often. 

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