How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

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Did you know that there are one billion active monthly users on Instagram?

We all love posting and scrolling on Instagram, but it can also be a powerful tool to increase engagement and awareness of your brand. You just have to know how to use it to your advantage. The first step to success on Instagram is getting likes and engagement. 

Likes were one of the first metrics used to measure social media performance. It is still a crucial part of measuring engagement so you can determine what kinds of posts your followers resonate with most. Instagram is a great way to connect with potential consumers.

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Here is everything you need to know about getting more likes on Instagram.

Why Instagram Likes Matter

First, you want to understand why your number of Instagram likes matters. These numbers can say a lot about your business and are an important part of Instagram’s ranking algorithm. Here is why you should care about your Instagram likes: 

Likes Help You Outshine Your Competitors 

When you have a lot of likes on your posts, you increase your reputation and stand out among your competitors. People are more likely to trust and choose a brand that is well-liked on social media. More likes equate to more engagement and involvement between your company and users. 

When your followers like your posts, they are showing appreciation for your content and brand. Having more liked photos on Instagram than your competitors shows your users’ preferences. 

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Likes Help You Gain Exposure

New likes will show up to your followers’ friends on Instagram. They come up as recommendations in their feeds, which give your brand more exposure,  And, it gives you a higher chance of making it onto Instagram’s Explore page, which will get you even more traffic, engagement, and followers. 

All of this new attention and new likes have the potential to bring in more business. 

Likes Establish Your Brand’s Success

When a company has a lot of likes on Instagram, customers will see it as a well-established brand. A lot of users know to compare the follower count with the like count to confirm that the engagement is real and not bought. 

Instagram likes have a major impact on ranking because the number of likes a brand’s posts has greatly influences customers’ first impressions. 

Likes Improve Your SEO Ranking

In addition to establishing your company’s credibility and reputation, your Instagram likes impact how your website ranks in search results. 

When you gain a lot of likes on Instagram, you boost your profile’s chances of making it on the Discover page. This helps boost attention and sales. 

Likes Show Engagement

This may be a no-brainer, but Instagram likes reveal how engaged your followers are. It shows how popular your brand is among users. This also contributes to likes being a crucial ranking parameter. 

The number of likes speaks volumes about a company. If a brand has a lot of Instagram likes, it means it is trustworthy and well-liked. On the flip side, if a brand has been on Instagram for a few years and is only racking up a few likes per post, it is not a good look and you may want to consider buying authentic likes. 

How to Get More Likes On Instagram

Follow these various tips to help your brand gain more likes on Instagram: 

Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram is a hashtag-driven platform. Using the right hashtags on the right posts at the right time can make your posts more discoverable. Use popular hashtags as well as niche hashtags that focus on specific areas. 

Always research and check a hashtag’s meaning to make sure it aligns with your brand identity. Keep up with the latest hashtag trends and use them where they are relevant. 

Promote Your Instagram in Other Places 

Most social media users use multiple platforms. Post about your Instagram account on other pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. If they are a fan of your brand and like your content on other platforms, users are likely to follow your Instagram and like your posts. 

You can also connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook account and cross-post. 

You should also have a button on your website that links to your Instagram page. This is another way to lead your website traffic to your Instagram and convert them to followers that can like your posts. You know that they are already interested in your brand if they are visiting your website, so they are likely to become post likers. 

Monitor and Engage

A major key to increasing your likes and engagement is to engage first. Instagram is very centered upon commenting. 

Monitor hashtags in your industry or niche, and respond to any images in order to start building support and a community. If your business is local, choose hashtags that are geo-targeted to your area. 

Feel free to do Instagram following sprees and follow users that match. your targeted audience and are likely to follow you back. Comment on their posts and take the first step to get your followers to engage back with you. 

Take a look at the followers of your competitors. You know those followers are already interested in your industry, so give them a follow, like their posts, and leave a comment. This can be effective in getting them to follow and like your posts back. 

Post Videos

It is no secret that videos are an important engagement tactic on social media. Engagement is growing more for videos compared to photos. Instagram users love and are more likely to double-tap fun, short videos. 

In addition to pre-recorded video posts to your Instagram feed, do not forget to try Instagram Live videos. Live videos are a great way to build trust and authenticity, which will encourage users to like and engage with your content. 

Be Consistent

Stick with a consistent posting schedule. We recommend creating a monthly content calendar of posts for your Instagram. 

Brands should post about once per day. Pay attention to optimizing the time for your posts. Do your research to see what the best times are to post on Instagram to increase likes. 

The more you consistently post, the more Instagram’s algorithm will place your posts on your followers’ feeds. They can’t like your posts if they aren’t showing up in their feed to begin with! 

Buy Authentic Likes

If you are trying a few of these tactics and not experiencing results, you can also buy Instagram likes to help increase followers and likes on your posts. Once you have a base to jump-start your following and like counts, users will view your brand more favorably. This will encourage them to join in on the liking. 

When you use a reputable tool to buy gradual Instagram likes, your engagement will slowly increase. There are various apps to get more likes on Instagram. Do your research to ensure the tool you choose to use is getting you true Instagram likes from real, active accounts that are being used by real people. 

Try Influencer Marketing 

Instagram influencers are powerful. Do your research to find relevant influencers with large followings that you would like to promote your content. Reach out to them and ask about their rates. 

Influencers have credibility in specific industries. People look up to influencers and want to be like them, thus they believe them when they promote your product or service. They have the power to inspire action in their followers, which can ultimately help you increase your likes. 

Run Contests 

Everyone likes giveaways and free stuff! 

Run a contest or giveaway for your services, merchandise, or products. You can ask users to enter the giveaway by tagging a few friends in the comments and sharing the post to their story. This is an easy way to increase your visibility, gain followers, and generate likes from new users. 

Use Geotags on Your Posts

You can tag your location on your posts and stories to help your brand become more discoverable to local users. You can either tag the venue or the city in which you captured to video or photo. 

Locations have a separate Instagram feed so when you use them, more users will be able to see and like your content. If you are a local business, geotagging is perfect for you. Make sure your posts show what is unique about your business and add a geotag to attract new customers and followers in your area. 

Get More Likes on Instagram Today

The bottom line is that likes matter a lot and you should try to get more likes on Instagram. Now that you have all the tips to get more likes on Instagram, it is time to start employing some of the tactics. 

Getting Instagram likes on a personal account is cool and what everybody wants. But for businesses, Instagram can be a powerful advertising platform. Do not overlook the power of having a lot of Instagram likes on your brand’s account. 

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