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How to Install Solar Panels on a Roof: What You Need to Know

by Purva Jagtap
How to Install Solar Panels on a Roof

Experts estimate that the United States could supply 40% of its power needs with individual rooftop solar power arrays. If you want to be a part of the solution, you should install solar.

Only a professional knows how to install solar panels on roofs of all different shapes and sizes.

The following guide to solar panel installation will give you a bit of background information into the solar panel installation process so you feel comfortable putting in some roof solar panels.

Get a Roof Inspection

Before attempting any sort of solar panel installation on your roof, DIY or otherwise, you need to get a roof inspection. Each solar panel weighs on average 40 pounds.

The weight can add up fast if you are getting multiple panels installed on your roof. If your roof is not capable of bearing the weight, your solar panel installation could lead to roof collapse or other structural issues.

Nobody wants to see their brand new solar system collapse into their master bedroom. If you want to avoid this sort of calamity, getting a roof inspection before your installation is very important.

How to Install Solar Panels on Roofs

Your best bet is to call a professional solar company. Choosing the right solar company makes a big difference, not only for the cost of installation, but also for the quality and timeliness of the work.

Don’t settle for an unlicensed contractor or someone with less experience. They may rip you off and do an inferior job. With something as important as your solar electrical system, you need top-quality work.

Inferior work can cause fires or damage the integrity of your system. Your solar system has the potential to last for many years to come, so make sure not to skimp on your installation company.

If you insist on installing solar panels yourself, make sure that you have sufficient experience as an electrician and handyman. Also, make sure that you are capable of lifting weight and bringing it up onto a roof with a ladder.

The Installation Process

First, get your roof inspected and cleaned before installing. Next, check out the individual installation instructions on the specific brand of solar panel you purchased.

DIY solar panel installation can be tricky, so follow instructions closely. Each brand of solar panel has specific installation instructions.

Most involve mounting a bracket and then installing the panel. After, you will need to hook your panel up to your home’s electrical system.

This can be a very complicated process, and even more so if you are planning on installing a battery or hooking your solar panel system up to the power grid.

The latter requires permits, while the former requires some extensive knowledge. That is why it is always recommended to call a pro.

Choose Green Energy

We face a critical junction as a species. We can either choose to live in harmony with the environment and grow with it, or continue to degrade it and be destroyed. Choosing to go solar is a big step in helping the environment.

Learning how to install solar panels on roofs of different shapes and sizes is a technical challenge.

That’s why it is best left to the professionals. Call a pro today to get your solar panels installed. Then, check out the rest of our page for more vital news and information.

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