How To Make Friends When You Move to Chennai

Juliet D'cruz

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Making friends as an adult is difficult. Making friends as an adult in a new city where you don’t know anyone seems downright impossible at first. But that’s what you’re trying to do. You’ve moved out of your hometown and into a house for rent in Chennai, and you’re ready to get to know people, start a brand-new job and experience life in this city. And on top of adjusting to your routine, you have to think about creating a social life for yourself. Don’t let it stress you out because we’re here to help. We’ve got some great easy tips to help you make friends as an adult and connect with new people in Chennai. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in. 

Find mutual friends

You’re new to Chennai and you don’t know anyone here, but you possibly know someone who knows someone else in Chennai right? Well, it’s time to take those mutual friends out of Facebook and into real life. Use the connections that you have to get in touch with mutual friends or contacts who live in the city. This can be a great starting point for you to start building your social circle. A mutual friend is more likely to be trustworthy than a complete stranger and you’ll already have a common ground to start your interaction on. Even if you don’t end up being BFFs, these people could end up easing the transition into Chennai for you. 

Find online groups

These days everything happens online. Including making friends. And if you’re smart about the way you use apps, you can definitely build a social network for yourself in Chennai. Join some local city groups or use your social media to find out about events and forums in the city that you can join. This is a great way for you to explore something new and meet people at the same time. If you’re looking for a deeper connection as well, check out some popular dating apps as a chance to meet some interesting new people. 

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Join local hobby groups

There’s a lot of people in your immediate vicinity who could end up becoming your friends. And joining a local group is a great way to get to know them. Join your building’s gym, a neighbourhood yoga class or sign up for a book club. This is a great way to meet new people who live close by and share your interests too. Plus, you’ll be able to engage with something that you enjoy or learn a new skill while you make friends.

Get to know your classmates or coworkers

Whether it’s a great new job or to start your course in one of the country’s best colleges, you moved to Chennai for a purpose. And so you should use this as an opportunity to make connections with people who match your vibe. You’re going to be spending the largest chunk of your day on campus or in your office, so this is a great chance for you to network and build a rapport with people you like. Be open and friendly, ask questions and share your thoughts and the conversation will definitely start to flow. 

Volunteer your time

One of the best ways to feel connected to a new city is to find a way to give back to society. And volunteering at an NGO or institution in your free time is a great way to do just that. Whatever your passion or area of interest is, you’re sure to find an organisation that shares it. So, take your pick from concerns like the environment, animals, education, or relief help or any other domain, and sign up to be a volunteer. You can volunteer on a weekly basis or participate in different drives or campaigns depending on your schedule. You’re going to learn a lot and meet some other passionate individuals at the same time. Plus you’re going to get a great sense of satisfaction from doing some good for the community.

Opt for shared housing

If you’re worried that you won’t have a chance to meet new people who are in the same boat as you, you should opt to live in a place like Stanza Living. This is a professionally managed accommodation provider for young migrants like you who are also new to the city and is the perfect place for you to start making new friends. You’ll get access to a ready-made community of other newcomers, students and young professionals who share your vibe, and you’ll get to hang out with them in common areas, gaming zones and during community events too. What better way to connect with people!

Making friends in a new city can seem daunting at first, but if you have an open mind and are willing to emerge from your comfort zone you’re sure to meet some interesting and fun new people. So, go ahead and use these tips and good luck making new friends in Chennai.

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