How to Retain Employees: A New Managers’ Guide

Juliet D'cruz

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As an employer, your nightmare is probably losing your most valued employees. You want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them around and keep your business running smoothly.

But how do you ensure they want to stay? How do you make sure they love where they work? In reality, almost 50% of employers say that employee retention is one of the hardest parts of running a business.

We want to make sure you don’t have to deal with that. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to retain employees to make sure your team stays the way you want it! Keep reading to learn about staff retention!

Show Appreciation to Your Employees

Your employees are spending more time at the office and working for you than they are most likely spending at home during the evenings. Since that’s the case, you want to show them you care about them and appreciate the work they are doing for you.

In fact, over 60% of employees feel underappreciated at work. There are so many ways to make them feel appreciated to retain employees at your company:

  • Offer bonuses for performance
  • Give shout outs to employees who are doing something great
  • Order lunch for employees who are the most productive

By following some of these tips, you’ll be motivating your team to do better so that they receive the appreciation they want.

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Be Flexible

A huge reason that many people leave their jobs is because of the long hours or lack of flexibility that the job offers. How can workers take care of their kids or spend time with them if they’re constantly working? How are employees supposed to go to the doctor without flexible hours?

By offering flexibility to your employees, staff retention will skyrocket. Instead of calling out of work for a mental health day because it’s tough to get out of bed one day, they could have the option to work from home.

Giving summer Fridays to your employees and letting them go early during the peak summer months will give them more time to spend with their loved ones or run errands without the stress.

Make Access to Earned Wages Easier

Some employees choose to leave companies because accessing their wages is difficult, or they don’t feel like they are paid in a timely manner. That’s not to mention that employees who are unbanked have difficulty getting paid, so they leave.

By utilizing resources like, staff retention has become easier than ever because your employees are being paid what they deserve. They’ll have access to their payments in a timely manner so they don’t have any late fees for bills or loans. They’ll also have the ability to get paid how they want to – either through direct deposit or cash.

Now You Know How to Retain Employees

Now that you know how to retain employees at your company, you’ll see a boost in team morale and staff retention! With people staying for longer, they’ll continue to learn new skill sets that can benefit you as a business.

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