How to Shave Pubic Area Without Hurting Your Sensitive Skin

Juliet D'cruz

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An estimated 75% of women shave at least some, if not all, of their pubic hair. Yet, a lot of us experience discomfort during and after the shaving process.

There are some benefits of shaving the pubic area, but no one wants to be left with that prickly feeling after shaving pubic hair.

So, what is the best way to shave the pubic area for sensitive skin? (And let’s face it, most of us have sensitive skin down there!)

Read on for our top tips for shaving the pubic area without pain or discomfort to the skin.

Start With a Trim and Exfoliation 

Before you grab that shaver, you’re going to want to pick up a pair of scissors and trim the pubic hair back. You want the hair to be less than an inch long before you actually start shaving.

Then, you’re going to want to exfoliate away any dead skin around your pubic area. This makes it easier to shave closer to the root and lessens your chances of nicks and razor burn. Don’t use an exfoliating wash for this–just a wet washcloth, loofah, or exfoliator sponge will do nicely.

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Get the Right Tools For Pubic Area Shaving

Are you using a disposable razor for your pubic area? It’s time to change tools. 

Disposable razors become dull (and even rusty) after a few uses. Once the blades are no longer sharp and clean, they present far more risks to your sensitive skin. Ditch the disposables for this lady shaver, instead–and don’t forget a nice, unscented shaving cream designed for the pubic area!

Shave In the Direction of Growth

A lot of people aren’t sure which direction to shave pubic hair in. It may seem like it’s easier to get closer to the root if you shave against the grain, so to speak. However, this creates unnecessary tugging and leads to that prickly skin feeling.

Always shave in the direction of pubic hair growth. 

Finish With a Fragrance-Free Lotion

Once you’re finished shaving and you’ve rinsed off the shaving cream, finish with a fragrance-free lotion. Don’t use anything with a scent or alcohol base, or you’re going to feel the burn!

And remember, the lotion is for external use only. The front of your pubic bone area and your bikini line are safe for lotion application. Only use a thin layer and allow it to dry before getting dressed.

Choose the Best Way to Shave the Pubic Area for Sensitive Skin

Are you one of the many who likes to do a little pubic area grooming? If so, choose the best way to shave the pubic area for sensitive skin and kiss discomfort goodbye! 

Treating your skin with the care it needs is one great step toward a healthier you. Are you looking for more methods and routines to adopt that will help you improve your health? Take a look at our health content for guides, tricks, and useful information that will help you take control of your health.

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