How to Start a Blog for Your Estore

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How to Start a Blog for Your Estore

You used a free online store builder and you’ve created a wonderful product to sell online. Now, how do you get people to come to your site?

Creating a blog is a way to bring the right customers to your site. How do you start a blog for your estore? First, you must understand what a blog is.    

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a web page that is continuously updated with new and informative information. When you create your special website with an ecommerce website maker, you can include a blog page on that site.

By regularly posting your blog on your site, it lets Google know that you are an expert business. Google has bots that roam websites. This information helps achieve ranking in search engines. The higher the ranking, the higher your website will be listed on a website.

Following best SEO (search engine optimization) practices allows you to continuously prove to Google that your site is superior to your competitors

The information posted on a blog post helps you achieve this ranking. In each blog post, you will have links to other blog posts on your website. You will have links to experts. Other experts will link to your website.

This spiderweb of links lets Google know that you are a quality website. You produce quality material online and that reflects on your quality business.

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Why Should You Run A Blog On Your eCommerce Store?

Your e-commerce store has a lot of quality merchandise, which can be displayed on your website with detailed descriptions of each item. However, after you list these items, your site’s rankings drop due to a lack of activity, thus lowering your overall score.

Google is creating a grand knowledge base where writing quality blogs can help raise your ratings. The experts at Hook Agency remark that content with 300 words takes about one minute, and an article with 1,000 words takes about four minutes to read. You may want to think about how your consumers are accessing your site; via cell phone, tablet, or computer. If your target market is mainly looking at your site through their cell phones, you may want the word count to be shorter due to a smaller screen size.

What To Include In Your Estore Blog

So, you have decided to create a blog. What should you include in your blog? Here are some ideas:

  • Unboxing new items. This is best done with a video that is embedded into the blog.
  • FAQ. Answer questions that people ask you on social media or via email.
  • Product information. This can go in many directions. People want to know what they do with your product now.
  • Interesting history about your product.
  • Informative text about your company.
  • Something personal about your company, owners, or how your organization participates with the community.
  • Trends. People want to know how to achieve the latest trends.
  • Other products. Customers want to find out if there are other products that would compliment the ones that they may or have purchased.

How To Spread The Word

Social media is the top way to spread the word. Be thoughtful in which social media channels you use. Like, you can use the website of some best free press release sites for sharing. Instagram is very visual. Facebook allows for groups. Your product may be perfect for a group discussion.

Video is king, so strongly consider Facebook Live or Instagram Live videos, or start your own YouTube Channel. This allows customers to get personal with your product and mission statement. This also allows them to learn new things about your productions.

Whichever platforms you choose, be regular with your schedule.

Starting a blog is a way to market your current estore. By trying a cornucopia of ideas to promote your business, you will find that the effort put into a blog will give you multiple returns. If you don’t have any coding experience, you don’t have to worry; places like Nexcess StoreBuilder can help you build an online store without the use of coding.

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