Never Give up the Fight-Never Give up the Style

Juliet D'cruz

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he word cancer makes everyone uncomfortable, and it is a word no one prefers to hear frequently. The estimated number of deaths in 2021 due to cancer is around 608,570 in the United States only. Cancer is a disease that doesn’t just affect the patient, but it affects the whole family financially and psychologically.

It is a phase in life, and many have defeated cancer and survived. One has to go through many chemo sessions, which results in body weakness and hair loss. Losing hair brings psychological stress to patients, and the best way to hide it or, say, embrace it with style is to wear a scarf or a headwrap. The head wraps for chemo patients are a better option than wearing caps or other headgears. Choosing the suitable fabric material for the headwrap makes it comfortable to wear and pull off with style.

What fabric materials are best for head covering?

There are many fabrics suitable for chemo patients, and their quality and comfort are of the utmost importance while selecting one.

Some of the standard fabrics for head covering are:




Terry cloth



These fabrics are suitable for the patients as they are smooth, comfy, and breathable. Most of them are usable throughout the year in any weather condition.

There are hats, scarfs, and wraps available made out of these fabrics. But, if you are looking for a head wrap, in particular, you must consider a combination of materials for better comfort and style.

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What constitutes a head wrap?

It is a combination of a skull cap and a scrap-offering you a variety of styles to try. It is perfect for women losing their hair. This combination of cap and scarf opens up the opportunity to try different designs of scarfs over different colors of caps-making it a versatile fashion choice. 

You can also try the different ways of tying the scarf and add new styles to your account. The head wraps for chemo patients come in many styles and designs, but the fabric is slightly different or a mixture of few materials.

What particular fabrics do head wraps use?

The headwrap is 95% bamboo fabric and 5% spandex. It has a moisture absorbent quality and regulates temperature keeping the warmness in cold weather and vice versa.

It is one size fit and comes without inside seams-suitable for women with sensitive scalps. The pressure on the ears is less due to the fabric used and double-layer stitching—the material, design, and hem are of great comfort and quality.

How to wash/clean, and maintain a head wrap?

A machine wash is good for the head wraps-a gentle spin cycle is better with light hand-wash at 30 degrees Celsius.

Tumble-dryer is a total no-no. You can use air dry instead of tumble-drying. Ironing is best at a low-temperature setting, but usually, it is not necessary.

Going through chemotherapy is a stressful procedure. The patient goes through many physical and mental pain, but with the support of friends and family, one can rise above all the inconveniences and stand tall to face the hurdles.

Covering your head doesn’t mean covering yourself away from society. Wear the wrap with style and confidence; let the world see you fight and celebrate every day with awe. 

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