Packages and services offered by fescov clinic for surrogacy in Germany- Different types of surrogacy

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Surrogacy has helped thousands of couples have their biological child. Moreover, couples usually opt for countries where surrogacy is cheap such as Ukraine. However, people refrain from choosing countries for surrogacy that are higher in cost. Many couples are unable to produce their biological child on their own. However, they have to undergo a surrogacy procedure to have one. And there are limitations for leihmutterschaft deutschland It is quite different from people from other countries.

Services that Feskov fertility clinic offers

There are many services that the fescov fertility clinic offers. They are as under:


In Ukraine, there are several packages of surrogacy at reasonable rates.

●  One can choose their surrogate mother, and she can bear multiple IVF attempts. Moreover, the charges vary from 17,000 to 28500€

●  The clinic for surrogacy in Germany also offers comfort guarantees which include various IVF attempts as well as limited risk coverage and PGD. The procedure also looks into the peculiarities of the surrogate mother’s age. This service cost around 37500€

Egg donation

●  The egg donation service ensures you a comfort guarantee that includes IVF+PGD. Multiple embryo transfers can take place with the help of donating male sperm and female egg. The risk coverage is done up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Also, the procedure costs about 17,000€. You can learn more here.

●  The VIP guarantee package is yet another interesting package one can opt for. This package comprises IVF + PGD. The risk coverage time is great if one opts for this procedure. Until the child is born, the clinic bears the risks and renders the services. The total cost of the procedure is 28,500€.

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●  While choosing this package, one must know that they can get guaranteed IVF+PGD. Also, this program ensures multiple embryo transfers. The program costs around 17,000€

●  The IVF program allows as many IVF attempts with own eggs unless the child is born

Types of surrogacy

Let us understand surrogacy in depth. There are various forms of surrogacy which you can read more here:

●  Traditional surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is where the eggs from the surrogate are used while the sperm from the donor or the future father is used to fertilize the eggs. This way, the surrogate becomes the genetic mother of the child. This type of surrogacy is not appropriate on many grounds, as in such cases, the surrogate may not give up on her child.

●  Gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy refers to the procedure where the eggs of the future mother while the sperm of the future father are used to fertilize the surrogate mother’s uterus. This makes the surrogate only the baby’s carrier, as she is not the child’s biological mother. Hence there is zero possibility that she will not give the child. Gestational surrogacy is a successful form of surrogacy.


There are different surrogacy programs that people can choose from. Moreover, there are different types of surrogacy, known as traditional and gestational. Gestational surrogacy is one of the most common forms of surrogacy.

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