Prevent a truck accident – What are the tried and tested methods?

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Truck drivers and car drivers have their own ways of maintaining safety while driving on roads. Being a driver on the road, are you aware of the side that is safest for passing a big rig? If you are not able to view the truck driver in the mirror, do you think the driver can’t see you? 

If you’re a driver who has driven on a highway, there are high chances that you have had an alarming moment when you had to move out of the path of the 18-wheeler lanes. Or you must have seen one huge truck barrelling behind you at a dangerously high speed. 

Isn’t this scary? Yes, it certainly is! In the case of truck accidents, there are legal firms like Ladah Law Firm that help you with the best lawyers but before you seek their help, it is vital for you to know the accident prevention tips. 

  • Keep more space in between your vehicle and a truck

Unlike the distance that you usually maintain with a passenger car, make sure the space you maintain while driving behind a truck is much more than that. When you drive behind a huge vehicle, your visibility of what lies ahead of you is limited. You won’t be able to see stopped traffic, slowed-down traffic, or even any scary road conditions. This is why it is important for you to leave enough space between the truck and your vehicle.

  • Stay away from the blind spot of the truck

We’ll share with you a small trick to let you know whether or not you have entered the blind spot of a truck. Take a quick look at the side mirrors of the truck. Do you see the face of the truck driver in the mirror? If you can’t, this means that the truck driver too can’t see you. It is always better to pass a truck through the side of the driver.

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  • Leave space while crossing a truck

You can’t forget the fact that a truck is a lot heavier and sturdier than a car and hence it goes without mentioning that it needs more space to stop. If you’re driving a car behind a truck, never make the mistake of cutting in front of a truck. When you think you can’t pass with enough space, continue driving in your own lane. 

  • Be cautious when a truck takes a turn

As already mentioned in the above point, a truck will require more clearance to make a turn than a car. Moreover, the visibility of the driver is also much less than that of a car’s driver. Hence, whenever you have to make an assumption on the speed of the truck while it approaches a crossing, keep more space in between rather than less. Think that the truck is moving faster than you think it is. 

There are some accidents that will occur, no matter how cautious you are as a driver. However, by following the tips given above, you can stay away from truck accidents. 

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