Reasons Why Hybrid Learning is Boon for Students

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Reasons Why Hybrid Learning is Boon for Students

There can be literally a war between those who like in person classes and people who like online learning. It is so because today mostly students are not very comfortable with old traditional and boring ways of learning and mostly students are running after online learning. Today online learning is at its peak and being adored by students too because it gives many facilities to the students as compared to classroom methods. But it is not necessary completely to neglect old and traditional ways to study being introduced to new and facilitative methods. Many of the students still like old and traditional ways of studying and they don’t want to let it go. Due to this reason many institutions have decided to provide a combined package of new and traditional methods of learning in the name of Hybrid Learning. Hybrid learning brings the experience of face-to-face classroom and online courses together to deliver the best environment of teaching and learning. Many a times hybrid learning and blended learning are taken as same by the people and in many aspects, both seem similar to there is a slight difference too, for example nowadays many medical colleges are broadcasting their practical surgery classes online in which students in hall are also there and students who are watching it live are also learning online. That means learning simultaneously offline and online is hybrid learning. Even School LMS which is also known as school learning management system also supports hybrid learning for more productivity of the students.

Here are the reasons why students consider hybrid learning a boon for them. Many of the students are not able to afford the transport expenses to go to the college and many other things can cost them a lot more money than their capacity to pay. Many of the students who want to study abroad and they have capabilities too are not able to go to study because they are able to afford tuition fees, visa fees, air tickets etc. For them hybrid learning is boon at all levels because he/she can learn with their class teacher the basic things and for expertise level assistance they can also contact with international tutors online. School LMS or we can say school learning management system has accepted hybrid learning due to one more reason : students can complete their course material and other things related to their course and during the face-to-face session of hybrid learning they can solve their queries. In hybrid learning students enjoy all the facilities provided by the online learning and students don’t have to miss the joy to face-to-facetiming with their favourite tutor and peers too. The most motivational aspect of hybrid learning is that during learning time study used to be completed when classes were off but in hybrid learning even after classes get off students can continue their studies if they wish to.

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During offline classes most talented students can take over the discussions during the class but during the online mode there is no inequality because of such arrangement that every student gets the chance to speak and give his opinions on the topics being discussed and this is the beauty of the hybrid learning that every student get the chance to get the knowledge as well as impart in the activity of learning and expression. Hybrid learning gives options to the students to choose what to learn and how to learn that too in as much convenient way as it is possible. Synchronization of both the methods increases the level of grasping of students as they get a chance to learn as per their capability to grasp and understand. Hybrid learning is that medium where students get everything in a single package. Many things are understood when done physically but when a student uses all possible ways to attain the education then he collaborates online learning for proper research work and finds out up to date researched details regarding a certain topic and also discusses it with peer group and tutor to enhance those details. So, this way he/she is able to use his over-all abilities to understand and learn the given topic and subject. With a better planning and strategy hybrid course integrates best aspects of in-person and online learning and makes education more interesting and attainable.

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