Seven Tips on How to Get Your First Scrum Master Job

Juliet D'cruz

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A scrum is an approach to project management that takes a lot of principles and fundamentals as a basis from the agile framework. It prescribes several positions required for project management, such as a scrum team, project head, team head, scrum master, etc. The scrum masters are individuals that handle the scrum team (s) and are responsible for every action or result produced by them. The scrum master plays a pivotal role in the due course of project management owing to the responsibilities he needs to tackle regarding his team, his mates, and authorities. Thus, an organization seeks only certified and trained candidates to be hired as scrum masters for its projects. The various certifications a candidate might consider to become a certified scrum master are: – CSM, PSM I, PSM II, etc. PSM, as is obvious, has two examinations, both of which are governed by

– The prime thing to do after aiming for something is to prepare to achieve it. The preparation to become a Scrum Master should include complete knowledge about Scrum and its applicability. The several training courses available online as well as offline can be made use of, or paperback/kindle books can be read too.

– The next is to get certified in the said field. The Scrum Master certifications are divided into 3 different categories such as the Scrum Master track that includes PSM certification, etc., the developer track, and the product owner track. Certificates clearly make the individual stand out from a lot while applying for jobs and thus increase the probability of getting the job as a Scrum Master.

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– Training courses such as PSM training, CSM Certification provided by credible sources like the Scrum Alliances are the best ones to enroll with. The self-study must be sufficient so as to provide enough time to every concept and still have time left for revision.

– Preparation for any test is incomplete without mock tests. The books required for Scrum understanding, which are the most preferred, are being revised and edited to include questions from a wide range of concepts that can be solved at the convenience of the candidate. The books also provide sets from the previous examination to provide the aspirant with the proper outlook of the expected questions. Nevertheless, there are online sources for mock tests, too, which come with the added advantage of a time tracker. The mock tests online from most of the sources are timed and help the candidate brush up his or her skills of time management.

– The average passing marks of Scrum certifications range between 60% – 85%, whereas the minimum duration is 1 hour. The candidate is required to fill the answers to the truest of their knowledge and wait for the exam to complete. The results are usually shown a few minutes after the exam completion.

– Once done with the exam successfully, the certificate is generally sent to the candidate via email, and an additional notification about the email may be sent via SMS to the candidate.

– Updating the CV and applying for appropriate jobs in hiring organizations shall be the next step to becoming a Scrum Master.

– The certificates generally are valid up to 2 years from the date of achievement and need to be renewed. The renewal process depends on the organization governing the certification process.

Scrum masters are the persons that cater to a varied array of roles and responsibilities in a company both towards the project and beyond it. A scrum master makes it easier for the team to work upon the project by providing the necessary guidance and tips regarding the application of scum to project management, and they also take into consideration the hard-learned lessons from previous case studies of the same organization. A scrum master is a non – negotiable necessity o every organization adhering to the scrum framework. A certified and trained individual has greater chances of being recruited as a scrum master. Among the various certifications open for a future scrum master, PSM certification has been deemed the best. The tips and tricks to come out successful in the certification have all been mentioned above in clear words after careful consideration of every single point.

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