Should You Settle Your Case Outside of Court or Take It to Trial?

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Should You Settle Your Case Outside of Court or Take It to Trial?

If you have decided to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for your accident and injuries, you need an attorney to give you legal advice. A lawyer can discuss whether it’s best to settle your case or go to trial. With a well-negotiated claim settlement, you can have financial security while ending the lawsuit quickly. But your claim can be undervalued. Meanwhile, winning a verdict in court can bring you maximum compensation. However, you will be subjected to a long-drawn and overwhelming battle in court. 

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When you hire an injury attorney to represent your interests, ensure you choose one with negotiation skills, a long track record of success in trials, and a good history of reaching settlement agreements. You can find a good attorney to hire when you click here. To help you decide whether to settle your case or go to court, your attorney will consider the settlement offer from the insurance company and the strength of your case. You and your attorney must examine these factors to determine what to do next.

Benefits of Taking Your Case to Court

If your personal injury case ends up in a trial and a court a favorable decision for you, then you may get a higher monetary reward than what you can get through a settlement. When juries award compensation, they consider the seriousness of the matter and justice.

In addition, your case may have wider social ramifications and can result in changes to public policy. For instance, if you have a case against a doctor, winning it can result in medical field reforms that benefit the public. In this case, you might get a higher financial award as the jury will use your case as an example. Many times, a personal injury trial is the only option when the insurance company or the defendant refuses to pay or settle the claim filed by the victim. 

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Benefits of a Claim Settlement

Court trials are risky processes. Juries may ignore evidence and even if you can appeal their decisions, this can cost you more resources and time. Also, settlements are reached between the parties involved. Thus, private information does not get leaked out to the public. Although the negligent party isn’t required to admit fault and liability, claim settlements are usually in both parties’ best interests. Settlements can be achieved quickly when both parties want to avoid the stress and costs associated with court trials.