The Benefits of Website Banner Design

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The average online user is shown around 1,700 banner ads per month—how can you make yours stand out?

Banner ads are an important digital marketing tool. They’re a rectangle-shaped ad that shows up on a website a user is browsing, either horizontally or vertically.

The key to a successful banner ad? It’s all about website banner design. A well-designed ad is going to get better results for your company, increasing sales and profits.

Why does design matter so much? Keep reading to find out the importance of banner design for any small business.

Increase Brand Awareness

With stylish banners, you can reach a whole new audience for your company. Banner ads will appear on websites as customers are surfing the net, so a well-designed ad campaign will help your banner get noticed by thousands.

Sure, not everyone will click on it, but it will get seen! Web users often see the same ads again and again, so after seeing your banner a few times, they’ll come to recognize it.

This is an amazing way to build up brand awareness. If your ad is for plumbing services, for example, the web user might not have a need for a plumber now—but when they do, they’re more likely to think of your business, after seeing it advertised.

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They Look Eye-Catching and Natural

A first impression is worth everything, so your banner design needs to be taken seriously. If you’ve created a banner ad that looks eye-catching and intriguing, it’s going to make an amazing first impression.

However, if your banner ad is hard to read, looks confusing, or looks unprofessional, that’s going to be an automatic ‘not interested’ from anyone who sees the ad. Web design isn’t just about websites—it’s all about website ads!

With a well-designed banner, you’re creating a great first impression for your business.

Banners are also a much better alternative than annoying pop-up ads. Many users hate those and tend to close them right away, so banner ads, which are enveloped in the website you’re reading, are far less distracting.

Generate New Leads

One of the main roles of banner ads is to generate new leads. How can you create an ad so irresistible that viewers can’t resist clicking on it to learn more?

If your ad is designed well, it’s sure to generate new leads. First, you need a gorgeous banner design that will attract attention—then, you need to work out where it will lead to.

Many companies running ad campaigns create a landing page, which is a simple website design that customers will land on after clicking through. Ideally, this will entice customers to give you some detail, such as their email address, so you can contact them.

If you’re in need of a landing page, a web design company like Hilton Web Design can create one for you.

As long as you do this correctly, website banners can help with both lead generation and increased sales for your business.

Create Hype About New Products

Web banner ads aren’t just great for general sales and leads, as they can also be created to accompany specific ad campaigns. For example, if you’re launching a new product, you can use web banners to get customers interested in the new product.

You’ll want to make the product look amazing, so be sure to use high-quality photos or even animations or video, which will encourage customers to click.

Your copy is essential for this, so make sure the words you use are going to convince users to want to find out more.

A Well-Designed Banner Will Appeal to the Right People

Another important aspect of web banner design is demographics. Think about the people you’re trying to reach with your ads.

What are their ages? Where do they live? What are their hobbies and interests? You can use all of this information to tailor your design to appeal to your target audience.

A bright-colored, fun ad, for example, would definitely appeal to teens, but maybe not an older crowd. You’ll want to consult with your marketing team as well, ensuring the design’s colors and branding are accurate to your company’s brand guidelines.

Should I Make My Own Web Banners?

Many companies consider designing their own web banners, using a program like Photoshop or Canva. Sure, this is an option if you’re on a tight budget, but you’ll likely get better results by working with a professional.

There are plenty of design firms that can create incredible results for you, so it’s worth the effort. A great banner ad can generate huge amounts of sales, so think of it as an investment to help your business grow.

Take Your Company to New Heights With the Right Website Banner Design

If your company needs a boost, banners can be just the ticket. Using the guide above, start thinking about website banner design ideas that would work well for your business.

Then, work with a design team to bring them to life. Once you upload them across your ad platforms, you’re sure to start seeing amazing results!

Any ad campaign is subject to some trial and error, so make adjustments as you go, working out how to maximize your investment. Over time, it’ll become clear that banner ads were worth it!

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