The Best  Modern Comic Classics You Must Read In 2021

Juliet D'cruz

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There is no doubt that in the comic world there are some excellent masterpieces everyone should give a try to, and others of less evident quality you may confidently pass on. Now, it’s true that everything is subject to personal taste, but if a certain comic outperforms everything else, both in sales and its popularity, that’s more of a public taste, isn’t it?

Now, we are not saying that it’s a good idea to just blindly follow whatever the crowd prefers. In general, if you are looking to find something special, go ahead and do the opposite. But these titles that we are going to reveal to you, although by no means secret, well deserve their placing as one of the best comics in the history of this form of art in the United States.

The Walking Dead

An American post-apocalypse setting took the fans for a thrilling journey of almost two decades long. A TV-Show adaptation only further ignited the interest in the comic, and the rest is history. Being one of the most-watched TV shows in history, and one of the best-selling comics since the beginning of the millennium. First appearing on the shelves in 2003, it ran for 193# issues, and each of these was created by Robert Kirkman and an artist who helped along.

With the exception of a few special titles, all the issues were black and white, but don’t let that fool you. The richness of this series goes way beyond what you see in the pictures. The Comic focuses on the main character Rick Grimes, who is a sheriff wounded critically while on the job. Upon awakening from a coma, he discovers that the world has gone awry: zombies, called Walkers in the franchise, are now roaming the world and an apocalypse has arrived.

After finding a group of survivors, the sheriff learns to navigate and survive in this new dangerous world. We soon learn that this America is full of danger, both from humans and the monsters that roam everywhere. Nobody is shielded from immediate death, being eaten by Walkers, or shot at the gun of another alive person. Now that the comics have ended, we know so much more than in the beginning. Give it a shot, and we are certain that you will enjoy it greatly.

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The Line Between “Classics,” and “Modern Classics”

Now, one could definitely argue that even though it’s more than a decade old, The Walking Dead isn’t an “old-time favorite”. That obviously depends on your definition and the goal behind your namings. Some comics go way back, as far as thirty, fifty, or even a hundred years. These are no doubt classics, but The Walking Dead may nicely fit into the Modern Classics category.

If you think you got through a lot of old comics, it might be time to freshen things up and pick up a few recent titles. My friend from Qatar with whom we always discuss what we read, recently wrote an excellent post regarding the best comics that came out during the pandemic. Check out his list of popular comics at, and with a few clicks in your browser, it’s an easy translation. It’s brief, up to the point, and will leave you with a few good choices to add to your collection.

Marvel Comics

You’ve definitely encountered the superhero characters many times during your life. Marvel is all the rage right now, sitting deep in modern pop culture. But did you know all of their source material actually comes from Comics? They go back almost a century ago. The first Marvel issue was out in 39’, which means we are soon approaching an anniversary.

A more familiar face is Spider-Man, the character we’ve all seen in movies, cartoons, and all over the place. It’s one of the most successful franchises in the world, and for a good reason. It tells the archetypal story of a young man, who becomes a superhero despite all of his life circumstances. We absolutely recommend you give the comics a shot, as they are way more in-depth than any other material you can find.

Stan-Lee created many of the modern heroes we see on the screens today, and he made sure these weren’t just some made-up guys in costumes. The storylines he created are some of the best in the genre, and the overall grandeur of the Marvel universe is beyond impressive. How do you start with this gigantic monster of a comic? This article will give you a couple of hints.

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