The Pros and Cons of a Staycation Versus Travelling Abroad for a Holiday this Summer

Juliet D'cruz

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The world thought that by 2021 we’d be back to jetting off for summer vacations in tropical climes… wishful thinking, eh? At the time of writing, almost every country in the world has differing guidelines and restrictions for overseas travellers. With there being so much to consider before you plan your holiday, things are definitely feeling more complicated than they have in summer seasons past. But is it really worth going away or should you stay closer to home? Let us help you weigh it up…

Pro: There’s No Enforced Test Requirement for Staycations

Even where a country or territory doesn’t specify that they require testing in order to gain entry, you’ll need to invest in one of the government’s sanctioned Covid travel test packages to meet the UK’s requirements. These at-home PCR tests are required by everyone over the age of 10 and must be purchased privately – they cannot be taken for free on the NHS.

Con: Travel Test Packages Are Now Widely Available and Reasonably Priced

Travel test packages do add an extra expense to your trip, but they are now widely available and at a price point that has steadily decreased since the pandemic began. Getting tested regularly remains a strong safety point and will ensure that you and your family are not unwittingly passing on any risk to others.

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Pro: There’s No Quarantine Period in the Common Travel Area

The Common Travel Area (that is: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and the Isle of Man) allows free travel within it provided that all no traveller has tested positive. There is no quarantine requirement when moving from one area to another, and no test results required for border entry. This saves on time away (no need to book extra time in which to shut yourself away) and frees up your travel a little more as you don’t need to specify overnight accommodation prior to arrival.

Con: Quarantine Requirements Are Easing

Currently, testing and quarantine requirements are set by the British Government in a traffic-light system that categorises countries and territories based on their perceived coronavirus risk. While this originally referred to strict quarantine periods upon the return from many areas, restrictions are now being relaxed for those who have returned from the safest category and for those who have received a vaccination from the medium risk category. As vaccination rates increase and immunity builds, we can expect to see further relaxation of quarantine rules.

Pro: There’s So Much of the UK to Explore!

Great Britain is truly beautiful, but despite such a varying geography throughout, it’s often somewhere unconsidered by locals to book a break. The UK has flawless golden beaches, snow-topped mountains, quaint countryside cottages and big sprawling cities – so there’s something for everyone. It’s easy to lose perspective on just how much of all our small country there is to explore when you live in it, but a staycation can help navigate somewhere brand new.

Con: There’s a Big Wide World Out There…

The world essentially shut down completely in 2020 but now it is slowly but surely re-opening. Many economies rely heavily on tourism and have found things increasingly difficult without their usual income stream. With travel deals becoming more competitive as a result and destinations introducing a whole host of new cleaning regimes and safety standards, in some respects, it’s never been safer to travel abroad. Research before you go, take all necessary common sense precautions and enjoy the summer of 2021 securely and joyously!

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