Things To Know Before and After Gynecomastia Treatment in Gurgaon

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What is Gynecomastia?

Often called moobs, gynecomastia is the enlargement of male breast tissue. The breasts either grow unevenly or simply grow bigger. This is completely different from pseudo gynecomastia or lipomastia, which refers to the presence of fat deposits in the breast area of men. Newborn babies, boys around puberty, obese men at forty, this can develop  in  men   of  any change. However, commonly found reasons for gynecomastia are obesity, use of certain drugs, hereditary and hormonal changes during puberty. 

Causes of Gynecomastia 

A male body  produces both estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen is found in lower levels as compared to testosterone. The imbalance of these levels such as low testosterone or higher levels of estrogen may lead to enlargement or overdeveloped male breasts. The breast tissue may overdevelop in both the breasts or may lead to uneven enlargement as well.   

Apart from low T, the other causes of gynecomastia can be cancer treatment involving radiation and chemotherapy, excessive use of anabolic steroids that can hamper the production of testosterone, testicular cancer, or some prescribed medications.   

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Symptoms of Gynecomastia

It is characterized by-

  • Visible enlargement of the breasts, 
  • Excessive breast skin, 
  • Overdeveloped fatty tissue, or glandular gland. 
  • It is symmetrical around the nipple area however, the male breast enlargement can be unilateral in some cases. 

Diagnosis of Gynecomastia 

Gynecomastia can be physically checked. One can experience this enlargement and consult a physician. This can be anywhere near or around your residing place. Doctors prescribe blood tests, X-Ray, urine tests, can even help in a better diagnosis of the condition. 

Psychological Effects of Gynecomastia

Of course, overdeveloped man breasts can simply cause discomfort and embarrass anybody leading to a lack of confidence. It can also even make a man feel ashamed in front of his partner resulting in a loss of male sexual drive as well. 

Found during the early stages of life can completely hamper the daily living of the kid or may even take away the daily pleasures of his life. Gynecomastia developed during puberty, can  affect his confidence or even hamper his professional and personal relationships. 

Any rare or physically noticeable condition can disrupt a man’s daily life and gynecomastia is no exception.    

Things To Do Before Surgery

  • Do not panic as this might sound like a surgery however, it is a simple treatment for two or less hours. 
  • Follow the routine strictly mentioned by the surgeon. 
  • Make sure to stick to the medication prescribed by the surgeon. 
  • Exercise for a better you. 
  • Good diet can help you be healthier. 
  • Work on the recovery plan. 

After Effects of Gynecomastia Surgery 

Visible scarring, numbness around the nipples, bleeding, bruising, and minimal pain around the nipple area can last a few days. Any reduction can result in scarring of the skin and a visible asymmetry. Mild tightness can last for a few weeks. You can even search online gynecomastia treatment in Gurgaon or anywhere in India and get it checked and cured both at the same time. 

Things To Avoid after Gynecomastia Surgery 

Often recommended to rest for a few days, gynecomastia surgery shouldn’t be taken just as minor treatment. You have to give rest to your body for at least a week.

  • Do not go back to work immediately.
  • The reduction may lead to irritation. Hence, do not scratch around the area. 
  • Do not resume taking drugs.
  • Do not take your incisions lightly. 
  • Do not indulge in excessive cardio or gyming for at least a week. Limit yourself to exercises that do not target the chest. 
  • Strenuous activity that can result in excessive blood pressure should be completely avoided. 
  • Do not sleep on your side or stomach for at least 4-5 weeks. 
  • Avoid fast food. Eat healthy instead. 
  • Do not consume alcohol immediately. 

Things to Do after Gynecomastia

  • Strict adherence to the routine suggested by the surgeon. 
  • Compression garments need to be worn after the procedure for at least 3 weeks. 
  • Take some time in returning back to the normal day to day activities. 
  • Use a cold compress to minimize the chest pain and swelling.
  • Take some vitamin supplements that can help in a fast recovery. 
  • Stay hydrated.

Can I get rid of Gynecomastia without surgery?

After a few hours of browsing one might think that gynecomastia can be treated at the individual level, however, for long-lasting results, you need to consult a physician. The medical tests run by a verified surgeon will surely inform you about the further medication and surgery. The surgery is often recommended as this completely treats the condition with no or zero side effects. 

Is gynecomastia surgery a plastic surgery?

A surgical correction, gynecomastias surgery is a male breast reduction treatment operated by a certified doctor. Also called reduction mammaplasty, gynecomastia surgery is referred to as plastic surgery for breast reduction. The procedure takes around two-three hours to complete, however, this depends on the extent of the tissue removed.  

Very important to know though, this surgery is not at all painful. You may feel sore after the surgery for a few days with minimal pain but it won’t affect your daily routine. 

Is Gynecomastia permanent?

Gynecomastia may stay for a longer period too that’s why the treatments are available all across India and abroad. The surgery on the other hand is proven to last longer in 90% of cases. However in some cases, it is found, the condition may grow back again. 

Is it worth getting a Gynecomastia surgery?

Of course, getting back your confidence is worth a million dollars! The happiness to feel normal,  the happiness that your condition is being treated and will never return to hamper your body and your aura is worth getting! The Gynecomastia surgery is quite affordable and is worth every penny of it. 

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