Tips for Reaching The Right Audience

Juliet D'cruz

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It doesn’t matter if you want to create a completely new marketing strategy or tweak your current one to get better results. What matters is that your product gets marketed to the right people. It’s great having the perfect campaign. But it’s even better if it’s seen by people who would actually buy your product.

These five tips can help ensure that your campaign is as efficient as possible.

1. Define your marketing goals

This is the beginning of your campaign. To be able to see how you can reach your goals with your marketing campaign, you need to take the time to reflect on what you want. Whatever your goals may be, influencer marketing can certainly help.

Perhaps you want to increase content production, brand awareness, encourage participation, or just boost sales. It is possible to guide the campaign planning in the best direction for your goals by clearly stating what you are trying to accomplish.

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2. Know your target audience

Marketing to the right people is important. It’s crucial that you spend time getting to know your target audience. This involves understanding not only their demographic, but also their interests. Although you might already use analytics tools to analyze the behavior of your audience members, it’s important that you know more.

Influencer marketing campaigns may be carried out across many social media platforms using a variety of media formats and techniques. Every consumer is different and will respond differently to different types or promotions. TikTok is popular among Gen Z so it may not appeal to older generations. You might discover that Instagram is not the best platform for influencer-marketing. However, it may be the one your audience prefers.

3. You might consider using micro and nano influencers

If you are just starting out in influencer marketing, you might think the bigger, the better. However, this is not the truth. There has been a decline of celebrity endorsements in recent years and a shift toward working with micro-influencers and nano-influencers. As a result, companies are able to boast a better ROI and higher engagement rates.

The number of micro and nano influencers is between 1k-5k, while the number for micro influencers is between 5k-5k. The best thing about these influencers? Their followers trust them. Because they tend to grow their accounts around a hobby, or an interest, their followers feel their content is authentic. This is why we see higher engagement in these categories. The audience interacts more directly with the influencers and shows genuine interest in what they post.

These types of influencers are especially useful in reaching niche communities. You might want to target a specific niche audience with your brand or product. Because these smaller influencers have a passion in a specific area, so will their audience. You might target a specific audience if your product is baby clothing.

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4. Use influencer marketing platforms

You may be thinking, “Ah, but how can I do this?” Well, the best method would be to work with an influencer marketing platform to find influencers using dedicated search filters. A platform like Heepsy will allow you to search for influencers based on their size, location, language, or other criteria. So once you have set your campaign goals, you will know exactly what you should search for.

For example, below you can see that from the dropdown boxes, we are looking for Instagram influencers from the beauty category, that are located in Spain.

Analyzing influencer profiles can be done in addition to the search features. This is crucial because it is how you can ensure that their audience matches yours. Heepsy gives you insights into the audience’s demographics and interests. You also have access to metrics about audience authenticity. This allows you to determine if an influencer might have fake followers. We want to make certain you are reaching the right people.

5. Be smart with Instagram

You should ensure that Instagram is used effectively if it is the platform you choose. The best way to find influencers is through your own followers. Asking someone to promote your product is a great way to find influencers. This can help you both create better content and build a long-lasting relationship that benefits you all.

You may want hashtags after you have identified the influencers you wish to work alongside and established a plan. In addition to being a great way of reaching a larger audience, hashtags can also be used to help spread your content even further. Hashtags increase engagement from your audience and allow you to add user-generated content. These audiences love challenges, and could make a great addition for your campaign. Check out this post on the top hashtags of 2020, which goes over how to use hashtags most effectively.


There are many other tips you can use to improve your influencer marketing campaigns, but this should be enough. If I can offer any advice, it would be to do your research. While it might seem like a quick way to make content, hiring influencers is not the right solution.

Influencer marketing works best if you take the time and plan carefully.