Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in India 2022

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Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in India 2022

Several health insurance companies in India provide various medical insurance policies to meet the varied healthcare needs of different individuals. Therefore, each insurance company in India has distinct characteristics that set it apart from other providers. However, determining the best medical insurance provider in India is not easy since every person has a unique set of health requirements, and no insurer can meet them all. Therefore, the top medical insurance providers in India will be those with the most satisfactory customer service, affordable premiums, and flexible coverage.

What is a Health Insurance Policy?

Health insurance is a form of insurance that covers all or a portion of a person’s medical costs. Another name for this type of insurance policy is medical insurance. This policy covers an illness or accident that results in medical expenses. All kinds of injuries, medical bills, disabilities, and dismemberments are covered by medical insurance.

Choosing the Right Health Insurance Provider

Competitiveness is a hallmark of the medical insurance market, which ranks among the world’s most competitive. Therefore, before settling on the best health insurance company in India, it is crucial to do some background research and price comparisons. Ensure you’re receiving the most excellent value before shopping for a policy. For assistance in making an informed decision, consider the following while you shop for medical coverage:

  • Do online research.
  • Compare premium rates.
  • Inspect the percentage of claims that they settle.
  • Check on network hospitals.
  • Compare coverage, features and additional benefits.
  • Accessibility and proficiency in providing excellent customer service.
  • Please read the fine print for terms and restrictions.

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List of Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in India 2022

Below is a compilation of the companies that provide the best health insurance plans in India. Let’s examine a few of the best health insurance providers for the current year:

1) Navi Health Insurance:

Navi Health Insurance is a cutting-edge health insurance provider with various medical coverage options to meet the diverse requirements of its customers. The insurance business, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navi Technologies, launched in 2017. They aim to make medical insurance accessible and affordable for the Indian population. Easy access to over 10,000 participating hospitals means you may get the care you need without worrying about paying up front. Many customers trust this insurance provider because of how easily they can file claims and get their money. As a general insurance provider, they also provide coverage for automobiles, bicycles, buildings, electronic devices, and businesses.

2) Star Health Insurance:

Star Health Insurance is one of India’s biggest online health insurance providers. Its activities began in 2006 when Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. formed it. Since its foundation, it has taken care of more than 16.9 crore lives and oversees assets worth more than INR 17,211 crore. It is undoubtedly one of the nation’s most well-known and rapidly expanding insurance companies. Star Health is one of the top health insurance providers for obtaining settlements. The ratio of incurred claims settled by the company is 61.76%. Additionally, it is renowned for resolving over 90% of cashless claims in less than 2 hours on average.

3) HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company:

HDFC has formed a joint venture with ERGO International AG, a German insurance company that is part of the Munich Re Group. It’s no exaggeration to say that HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company is well-regarded and respected in the Indian insurance industry. The business caters to consumers in urban, suburban, and rural areas. All types of insurance, including those for your health, car, travel, house, personal belongings, and even cybercrime, can be purchased from them. The rural industry offers crop insurance and animal insurance to farm owners. In addition, the organisation provides the best health insurance policy for Critical Illnesses and Accidents.

4) ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company:

In 2001, ICICI Bank partnered with Fairfax Financial Holdings, a financial services provider in Toronto, to become ICICI Lombard. The firm is significant in the Indian insurance market, ranking among the country’s major general insurers. If you’re looking for health insurance, you may choose from several options from ICICI Lombard General Insurance. It also provides online health insurance to make the consumer experience more flexible and accessible. Because of how well it handles claims, it is also among the best medical insurance providers. This firm consistently maintains a claim settlement percentage of 99.87% on average. ICICI Lombard General Insurance’s health insurance plans in India are comprehensive while remaining affordable.

5) Care Health Insurance:

In 2002, Reliance Enterprises Limited, Union Bank of India, and Corporation Bank established Care Health Insurance as a subsidiary of Religare Health Insurance. Established as an independent entity, the firm provides customers with various health insurance policies to meet their individual needs. A wide variety of health insurance options are available, such as coverage for individuals, families, seniors, and those with preexisting conditions or serious illnesses. Care Freedom and Care Senior Policy are a few of the well-liked health coverage options the insurer provides. Different people have different needs; therefore, these plans offer a range of options for features and coverage advantages at reasonable prices. As a result, their ranking is among the best health insurers in the nation. In addition, their claim ratio is over 95%.


Medical prices are rising, and individuals and families now need health insurance in India to cover unexpected medical bills. A health insurance policy protects you against excessive medical bills, hospitalisation costs, and pre-medical and post-medical expenditures. Choosing the right medical insurance company among the various possibilities available on the market is critical and should not be based just on one or two variables. Furthermore, the health insurance requirements differ from person to person, based on their needs and health objectives. Finally, you must understand how health insurance works. Choosing adequate health insurance coverage provides strong financial protection against rising healthcare expenses and medical crises.

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