Travel Packing Checklist for The Women

Berry Mathew

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Travel Packing Checklist for The Women

Ladies, we all know that as much as travel sparks excitement in the heart, packing for it fills us with anxiety. Every time when you start packing the bag for an upcoming journey, you end up doing one of these things- either packing too much or not enough. 

While we plan the itinerary of your travel plans to its last details, planning what to take with you on your journey can be an easy task as well. Let’s prepare more mindfully for our next vacation and keep a checklist like the one below – 

1) Clothing & Accessories – When it comes to your outfits, keep in mind that you can layer, mix and match or plan your attires in advance to avoid overpacking. Take 3-4 top wears, 2-3 jeans or pants, and if you plan on taking a dress, reduce one of your trousers. If you expect a drop in the temperature, take a jacket or sweater, or a hoodie. 

If your vacation includes poolside or beaches, take 1-2 swimsuits. Accordingly, if it includes visiting a spiritual place, including a scarf or a shawl as well. In the same manner, only keep two pairs of shoes & 1 pair of PJs. 

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2) Makeup, Skincare & Toiletries – Next up, pack your basic toiletries & medicines on priority. Keep your allergy meds, if you get travel sick include the ones that help with it and basic paracetamol just in case. For your skin, hair and body care pack shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, lotion, SPF sunscreen, deodorant, and a chopstick. Include an herbal mosquito repellent in your kit, because there might be insects or mosquitos on the mountainside or near the sea. You can choose from herbal mosquito repellent cream, lotion, or a spray solution according to your skin & application preference.  Make sure you use clean, toxin-free skincare and makeup products that are low on chemicals and kind on your skin & environment. 

If you’ll be vacationing at a beach, under the sun, or over the mountains, give your skin the time to relax and do not overload it with makeup. Make it a point that you don’t spend too much time getting ready and exploring more. So, keep the basic makeup essentials like BB cream, gel kajal, lipstick, or gloss that can twin for a tint as well as mascara. Your gel kajal can also work as eyeliner (win-win). 

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3) Electronics & Documents – Now, this is crucial, if you’re travelling abroad, you need all your official documents in place to avoid last-minute stress. Make a folder and keep your passport, identification card, wallet & currency, keys, or cards at first. Now, have a small handmade notebook and a pen with you in case you need to note some information. Take your charging wire, plug, and an international adaptor that works in the country you’re travelling to. 

As a preparation, take some snacks or an easy-to-cook meal if you’re unsure of the cuisine or in case of an emergency. Also, carry an eco-friendly water bottle that you can refill when needed and keep in your backpack when you roam around exploring the country. 

With this checklist, you can pack for a 10-day long vacation or a weekend getaway, and focus all your energy on the happy memories you’re going to make and beautiful places you can’t wait to explore! Don’t forget the essentials – toothpaste, toothbrush, and feminine hygiene products, preferably sustainable products like sanitary cloth pads. Happy vacation to you.