Ways Marijuana Impacts Your Workout 

Juliet D'cruz

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As marijuana becomes mainstream so does its exploration of the possible use cases. Even though for now accepted for medical and recreational use, marijuana’s use when working out is still a work in progress.

By now, various studies have established both risks and benefits of using marijuana when training. It means using weed when working out can be either beneficial or harmful. 

The benefits of using weed when working out 

Here are some of the benefits you gain when you work out after taking weed;

  • Ease soreness and pain 

The pain-reducing capabilities of the marijuana compounds are some of the least talked about. Various studies have established that cannabis can be used to alleviate pain whether chronic, acute, or muscle spasms.

Several patients have already successfully used marijuana for both physical and mental pain-relieving when undergoing treatments. You can use the same for post-workout soreness or pain. 

  • Reduce inflammation 

The inflammation reduction properties of cannabis are some of the most popular use cases. The CBD of cannabis is the compound that comes with the inflammation reduction property. 

Most athletes already rely on weed to help during recovery and for dealing with the pains. For those who don’t wish to smoke or vape the weed, they can opt for the edibles like chocolates that are eaten.

The quality of the weed also matters in its use for inflammatory reduction. If you grow your own weed, ensure the right quality by using the best quality seeds, the right soil, and proper inputs like fertilizer. You also understand how topping a marijuana plant helps improve the ultimate quality. 

  • Improve sleep 

Cannabis is such a lifesaver for those who struggle with sleep. Cannabis CBD eases REM sleep disorder and daytime fatigue. The THC on the other hand induces sleep and helps those with apnea to have proper sleep. If you are into working out then you understand how sleep is important for your fitness.

However, monitor how frequently or the quantity of marijuana you take for sleep. Too much weed will keep you exhausted and sleepy when you wake up. 

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Risks of using weed when working out 

Even though using weed comes with advantages, it also has concerns you need to be aware of. These include; 

  • Increase heart attack risk 

The use of marijuana has been linked to the risk of a heart attack a few hours after use. Given the intensive body work rate when exercising, you increase these chances when you workout immediately after taking weed. 

  • Impair motor skills 

Marijuana like any other drug can impact your motor skills. The high feeling from using marijuana can impair your decision-making and reduce motor coordination. This increases the chances of an accident leading to injury when you exercise when high. 

Should you take marijuana when working out?

With both benefits and concerns, you can likely be torn whether to use weed when working out or not. Yes, you can use weed, but at the right time. Avoid using weed before the workout due to the various risks. Instead, use it after the workout to help in pain-relieving and reducing inflammation. 

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