Weber Grill Cover Buying Tips from Experts

Juliet D'cruz

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If you think it is necessary to have a grill cover for your barbecue unit, there are plenty of options available out there. If you regularly use Weber grill for an outdoor BBQ party or family get-together, you must think of protecting it well after use. Usually, Weber grills are big, and it may not be convenient for the homeowners to take them in after use and securely indoors. While leaving outside, the Weber grill unit may be exposed to harsh environmental elements and may deteriorate soon. This is where you need a good Weber grill cover to protect it for long.

Getting the right size

Grill covers are not coming in any standard size, whereas you need to take proper measurements of your grill unit to find a perfect fit. If you end up getting the wrong-size cover, it may not offer proper protection to your high-quality grillsand may also cause damage to your valuable equipment.

Check for the features

Consider whether your grilling unit has any add-ons to be covered, which may be a challenge if you get a standard cover. Good quality covers come with handles, straps, air vents, etc. There are a lot of accessories that come with Weber grill to make it more functional. You need to have provisions on the cover to keep these accessories too securely. Having handles will help you to put on and remove the cover by yourself easily. Pockets on the cover can be used for grill accessories. You may look for these additional features, which will make the grill cover you choose more value for money.

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Consider budget

Do you also have to consider how much you can shell out for a weber grill cover? These accessories may not cost you much, but consider the pricing if you want to keep track of the expenses. You can find many affordable grill cover products online to compare and identify which one best suits your budget.

Maintain your grill cover.

Even though the high-quality Weber grill covers have only minimal maintenance needs, you need to take good care of them not to damage them. These covers are made of synthetic fabric, but most of the time, they may require more than simple wipes to keep them clean. Grills covers are designed specifically for outdoor use as these may be exposed to various types of environmental elements. Some tips for maintaining the quality and endurance of grill cover are.

  • Wash the grill cover regularly. Wipe off any dust, dirt, grease, and other damaging elements.
  • Do not keep any dirty utensils inside the grill pockets, which may attract pests, mice, and other little insects, which may damage your cover and grilling unit.
  • Never cover your grilling units when it is still hot. It will cause damage to both the grill and the cover.
  • Do not use any harsh cleaning or bleaching materials on your cover. Try to use mild cleaning products while washing.
  • You cannot put your grill cover into a washing machine, and it is advisable to do hand washing.

On getting a good quality grill cover and maintaining it properly over time, you can surely add more years of life to your pricey Weber grill.

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